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Here is to new India

Leading by Example:Rags to riches, 700 to 750+ crores, 10th class to Microsoft, zero to global and empowering world is Kotii Reddy Saripalli's inspiration

Published: Nov 25, 2019 11:30:56 AM IST
Updated: Dec 19, 2019 11:30:05 AM IST

Here is to new India
Can you imagine people being in charge of measuring their own health and the health of their family members? How about the possibility of empowering crores of farmers, while saving billions of units of power and billions of gallons of ground water every year?  What would you say about an integrated national education system that results in ‘one nation - one academic platform’ for crores of students, irrespective their region, status, creed? How about the idea of a nationwide healthcare and wellness network which places citizens at its heart? Do all these ideas sound far-fetched and, perhaps, even impossible?

You may imagine that the odds of such ideal aspirations actually becoming a reality are a million to one. But the odds certainly do not seem so intimidating if you know about this lower-middle-class farmer’s son who hailed for a rural area and transformed himself into a techie-turned-entrepreneur - Kotii Reddy Saripalli. He has made the impossible possible although it was never easy.

It all started when Kotii Reddy, at the tender age of 14 years, reached Hyderabad with Rs 700 in his pocket, a bag full of aspirations and a strong desire to find ways to earn a livelihood and thereby, provide a respectable living for his parents and family.

Having climbed the corporate ladder at the tech giant Microsoft’ R&D vertical, with just a matriculation certificate, Kotii Reddy re-defined the concept of “making it big and becoming great”. He gave up a lucrative career at Microsoft, after a decade-long stint, only to establish the Kotii Group of Technological Ventures R&D Pvt. Ltd. to empower mankind.

Over time, he has managed to grow this venture into a group of 14 subsidiaries and units that craft solutions to mankind’s greatest problems. These solutions, which include the National Integrated Healthcare Network [NIHN], ShreeDharani, Blood.Live,, National Integrated Academic Network [NIAN], Pinnacle Blooms Network’ Mirracle platform for autism, child development and rehab and many more, have empowered crores of people across the world. They have empowered over 80 crore people across more than 160 countries this calendar year so far.

The Kotii Group has contributed in Bharat, which is the focal point of this new world of the knowledge, through innovative technology solutions that enrich the lives of individuals. Looking ahead too, it is ever willing to extend its services to promote the growth of Bharat through Nationwide Academic solutions, Healthcare networks and Agricultural and Financial service innovations, amongst others.

Here is to new India
About Kotii Group
Kotii Group of Technological Ventures R&D [P] Limited is the parent organisation for a highly respected group of 14 Technology R&D organisations. The core purpose of this group is to be part of the lives of 769+ crore people across 238 countries and make this world a better place, through innovative technology products within EduTech, HealthTech, FinTech, AgriTech, MediaTech and QualityTech.

Founded by engineers who architected the world’s best operating system, the Kotii Group is a 100% employee owned, self-sufficient, profitable, innovative, research and development oriented organisation, with its internationally patented technology products in diversified verticals. It has empowered people and businesses around the world in an effort to make this world a better place.

800+ million people, across 170+ countries have already benefited from the 5+ billion tech instances delivered through 20+ years of state-of-art technological expertise from the Kotii Group.

The Group has contributed to the successful growth of large governments and looks forward to facilitating more governments who seek the best for their nation and their citizens; the Kotii Group would love to be part of the growth stories of such countries. Contact us at

33% of the Group’s earnings are committed to the education of under-privileged children, medication of elderly people, empowerment of widowed mothers and feeding people with lack of food in the name of the Almighty, through its SEVA Foundation and Kotii Foundation.

Here is to new India
Snapshot of the Kotii Group’s 750+ crore portfolio of technology companies:

  • Kotii Group of Ventures [P] LIMITED – Parent holding organisation.
  • Bharath Healthcare [P] LIMITED – HealthTech innovation aimed at empowering 769+ crore people spread across 238 countries by putting them in charge of their health & the health of their family members through  the National Integrated HealthCare Network [NIHN]
  • – Marketplace for Phlebotomists, aimed at taking healthcare services to the last mile.
  • Blood.Live – a life-saving platform connecting people in need with those who can donate.
  • Pinnacle Blooms Network - a first of its kind network of child development, rehabilitation centres intended to be empower 80+ crore children and enabling people with neurological, congenital conditions to become part of mainstream society, while bringing smiles to their families’ faces.
  • Pinnacle Integrative pediatrics & family – set up with the purpose of providing preventive healthcare.
  • Pinnacle Specialty Diagnostics – which brings in the unique concept of HAI – PHI : Health Awareness Index – Personal Health Index.
  • Digital Education Eco System [P] Ltd - EduTech innovation aimed at empowering 14 crore higher education students in India alone; National Integrated Academic Network [NIAN] for establishing one nation – one academia platform; DEES for transforming universities into Digital Universities, EEE offering Enrolment to Employment and Everafter.
  • dzpay [P] LIMITED – a digital payments innovation, that empowers organisations of any size, in any region, of any strength, enabling them to accept 100% digital payments without having to implement any additional automation / change the process / new machinery / skill.
  • India Herald Group Publishers [P] Ltd – This new generation online press infotains and entertains millions of people worldwide, within 5 Indian languages in addition to English, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. The company has a dedicated network of content writers.
  • KOTII Foundation - Aimed to serve senior citizens, single mothers / widows by meeting their healthcare needs, imparting training and skilling towards financial empowerment so that they can live on their own and take care of their family. 33% of SEVA foundation funds are pledged to the KOTII Foundation.
  • SEVA Foundation - 33% of this organisation’s funds are meant for society, the under-privileged and people in need of support. The SEVA Foundation seeks to serve children by making schooling and quality education more accessible for those who would otherwise stay illiterate.
  • Bharath Innovation Labs [P] Ltd - a core technology R&D lab.
  • Shree Dharani – This AgriTech innovation centre’s core purpose is to empower crores of farmers to be more productive while saving billions of units of electricity and billions of gallons of ground water.
  • International Quality Measures – This provides the ability to record, measure and analyse customer satisfaction and the overall quality of services being offered by large government organisations or government functions themselves.  [Aquire. Accept. Advance]

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