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Meet Dr Tanuj Bhatia, a cardiologist with unwavering commitment

Dr Bhatia is one of the premier cardiologists in the country and a gold medalist in Cardiology from Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Science, Lucknow

Published: Nov 25, 2019 11:17:17 AM IST
Updated: Dec 4, 2019 01:31:40 PM IST

Meet Dr Tanuj Bhatia, a cardiologist with unwavering commitment
To understand the impact of doctors on society, it is perhaps pertinent to take a step back and look at the larger picture. Medicine is the manifestation of scientific advancement, making a noticeable difference in otherwise deteriorating human health. Within this ecosystem, doctors are important as agents through which scientific understanding, research, and development are communicated and applied to individuals in society for the overall betterment of the society.

Heart conditions are perhaps one of the most serious ailments that plague our society today. Tackling this situation on a regular basis is Dr Tanuj Bhatia from Dehradun. Since 2013, he has served innumerable patients as an Interventional and Consultant Cardiologist at the SMI Hospital in Dehradun. He holds a gold medal in Cardiology from the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow.

It is the nature of his work that makes him one of the premier cardiologists in the country. An interventional cardiologist specialises in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases, congenital abnormalities, and structural heart conditions through procedures that are catheter-based. A catheter is a flexible tube that can help to repair damaged or weakened vessels, narrowed arteries, or other affected parts of the heart structure. The most common examples of such treatment are angioplasty and stenting.

Dr Bhatia treats a number of patients suffering from conditions like coronary artery disease, in which the arteries that supply the heart muscles with blood and oxygen begin to narrow. In addition, he also treats heart valve diseases that occur when valves that are responsible for controlling blood flow into the heart’s chambers do not perform their function properly. Under the scope of interventional cardiologists like Dr Bhatia, are also conditions like peripheral vascular diseases wherein the heart is affected due to clogged or hardened veins and arteries across the body. His satisfied patients lovingly remember his gentle demeanor and his effective treatment.

Given the dynamic nature of medical research, doctors often need to be on a continuous learning loop, and Dr Bhatia is one of those doctors who not only assimilates the latest learning but also take efforts to disseminate key developments in the world of research.

He has written several notable articles on cardiology. One of the more recent articles is around Coronary imaging and physiology - a revolution in angioplasty which outlines new technologies like FFR (for physiological assessment) and OCT and IVUS (for coronary imaging). The other one speaks about cardio maintaining revolution, outlining the current scenario in India.

He is an integral part of Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical and Health Sciences, Dehradun which endeavors to provide students the best-in-class equipment to advance learning and development in the medical field. It also has a charitable hospital that aims to bring state-of-the-art health care facilities to the underprivileged and those without access to quality health care.

The secret to its success is perhaps the unwavering support of the present Sajjada Nashin Sri Mahant Devendra Das Ji, the successor of the highest seat of Udaseen Sect. He dedicated this institution to the name of Sri Guru Ram Rai ji Maharaj, the eldest son of the seventh Guru of the Sikhs - Sri Har Raiji. Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji established his DERA in Doon valley which later became popular as DEHRA and thus Dehradun owes its name and history to the emergence of Sri Guru Ram Raiji's "Dera" in 1676 in area now called Dehradun.

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