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How to become a successful influencer? The best tips by Angelo Raguso

You're wondering, what are the hashtags for? Are they necessary for the growth of a profile?

Published: Mar 9, 2020 03:07:55 PM IST
Updated: Mar 11, 2020 02:28:21 PM IST

How to become a successful influencer? The best tips by Angelo Raguso

You are here because you want to know how to become a successful influencer? Right?

Well, we recently got a chance to meet Angelo Raguso, 26 years old from South Italy. Before entering the world of social media, he devoted himself to music for almost ten years, as a DJ, Producer, ghost producer, record label manager etc he worked with major worldwide labels such as Spinnin' Records, El Row, Freakin909, Trax Records and many more.

Today he is involved in social media as a Social Media Strategist, Taking care of growing instagram accounts and facebook pages, taking care of the media presence etc and has worked with successful entrepreneurs such as Shea Ryan (CEO of Geo X), Moe Meyers (Co-Founder of Socialcatfish), Josue Arteaga  (Owner of PressWorks), Peter O Halloran (Ceo of PPP Fitness and Nutrition), Romy Johnson (Founder and CEO of Cool Gurus), Johnny Medina and many others.

He has shared some of the best tips to become a successful influencer.

Tips to be an influencer by Angelo Raguso:

1. Important to set a goal:

Before starting this adventure, we must be clear about a few things. It is not worth starting to publish crazy content, but it is important to have a defined strategy to follow. Being clear about our goals and where we want to go is essential, but it is also important to know what our style is, what we are good at and what we want to show the world.

Knowing what our strength is and what we stand out will certainly help us stand out from the rest. There are millions of people who know how to sing and create music so it is important to find what differentiates us from them. 

It is important to have a defined style and theme so that our users are identified with us, and in this way, achieve a better interaction.

2. Be authentic:

The personal brand is essential to become an Influencer. As we explained in the previous paragraphs, many people in the world can sing and create music. For this reason we must avoid imitating other Influencers, because this can damage our credibility and authenticity. We must therefore create our own online and offline identity, which belongs to us and is attributed solely and exclusively to ourselves.

3. Contents with great quality:

The quality of the content plays a fundamental role. Making stuff with poor quality music or videos is not pleasing to the eye, it will undoubtedly be one of the main obstacles when it comes to achieving our goals. 

It is essential that the content is clear, has good composition and adequate light. Actually, with smartphones, it is currently very easy to take good photos and videos without being a professional photographer, so you just need to have good taste and commitment to do pre-production work. If you upload bad photos to your Instagram profile, people will not come to follow you. You have to work on something exciting to arouse people's interest.

4. Have “Quality” followers:

What are quality followers? There are numerous platforms to get false followers, but this system is not highly recommended, as they end up becoming just a number in our account (which you will then also lose), and they give us nothing.

Quality followers are those who interact with us and give us a great commitment. It is not worth opening an account, for example on Instagram and post photos, but the important thing is to get likes, comments and many actions to keep growing. So I always suggest to make interaction, comment photos in other profiles, so as to get positive feedback from people who notice us, and create your own "Network"

5. Use of hashtags and tags:

You're wondering, what are the hashtags for? Are they necessary for the growth of a profile?

Using hashtags, as long as it is done in moderation, is a good way to increase the visibility of our publications, as the contents are sorted and can be easily found. But it is not worth putting hashtags to any word, but depending on the theme we are talking about, it will be convenient to look at hashtags with more popularity. On my @angeloo profile, adopting my own hashtag guidelines, since January I've gone from 9k to 30k and rising steadily. For each post I use from 10 to 25 hashtags, in relation to what I have published, thus indexing the product in the searches that users go to do. Example, upload a picture of a sunset? use #sunset (and others 20 approximately), and then? Imagine 10 users who don't follow you, go looking for sunset photos on instagram, and notice yours, do they like it? They'll come to follow you. So this also connects to the initial paragraphs, if you upload bad photos, people won't follow you. So you have to focus and before you publish, do all the necessary precautions. Ask yourself, if my photo, if you uploaded a profile that I don't know about, would it hit me? Would I follow it? If the answer is yes, then go ahead.

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