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India's Leading Vastu & Feng Shui Experts: Dr. Nitin Parakh & Ms. Kanika Parakh

This Father & Daughter duo's clientele includes top corporates, filmstars, leading builders, hoteilers, hospitals, doctors and NRI's worldwide.

Published: Aug 5, 2020 11:12:38 AM IST
Updated: Aug 7, 2020 12:04:35 PM IST

India's Leading Vastu & Feng Shui Experts: Dr. Nitin Parakh & Ms. Kanika Parakh
Dr. Nitin Parakh [B.E Civil, C.Eng.(I), AMIE, AIV, DBM, PhD.(am)] is a highly qualified Vastu and Feng Shui Expert. He is a gold medalist and has been honoured with many awards and titles including the “Rotary Vocational Award”, “Man of the Millennium Award” etc.

He has the experience of thousands of cases over the last 23 years and his clientele includes esteemed and prominent personalities from different spheres of life. Over the years, his articles and interviews have appeared in leading newspapers of the country like “The Times of India”, “The Indian Express”, “Mid-Day”, “The Deccan Chronicle”, “Lokmat”, “Deshdoot”, “Gavkari” etc. He has also been featured in top national news channels such as “Times Now” and “Mirror Now”. He had long series of programs based on his science, which were aired on the “ZEE-ETC” television channel. He has also been interviewed on a leading radio channel “RED FM”.

Dr. Nitin Parakh has written two bestselling books on Feng Shui. His first book was originally published in the year 2000 in English, which was an instant best seller. It was translated and sold in many different languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam etc.

His books carry comments and testimonials from many eminent personalities of India including the incredible Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.
India's Leading Vastu & Feng Shui Experts: Dr. Nitin Parakh & Ms. Kanika Parakh
There is an old saying “Like Father, Like Daughter” and this holds true for the illustrious Dr. Nitin Parakh’s highly qualified daughter Ms. Kanika Parakh. She joined her father’s profession 7 years back, while she was doing her MBA. Before she completed her MBA, she had done her B.COM as well as her Interior Designing from very prestigious institutes of Mumbai. She is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner from Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny (Singapore). She is also educated in Feng Shui from FSII & Center of Excellence (UK).

Kanika has gained a huge amount of experience in the practice of Vastu and Feng Shui with her father and she has also mastered the art of energy scanning to rectify geopathic stress from properties. Geopathic stress is believed to be the major underlying cause of many serious health ailments and cancers. Geopathic stress is the harmful electromagnetic radiation from the earth’s core and is believed to have increased a lot in the past few decades. If the bed of a person happens to be placed over a geo line, especially a geo nodal point, then that person’s immunity is attacked and gradually deteriorates over the years, which can result in serious health ailments.

Let’s speak to them now:

Dr. Parakh, you recently made a “Prediction Of Hope” for India on the Covid-19 situation. Can you please elaborate on the same?

From the year 1998 till 2004, India was going through a deep recession and I analysed India’s Feng Shui as a country and made a prediction that from February 2004 a new 20 year period as per Flying Star Feng Shui had begun and I predicted a great time for our country ahead! This prediction appeared in “The Deccan Chronicle”, the leading English newspaper of South India in 2004 and it proved absolutely true, as we saw a huge rise in our GDP and economy from 2004. The stock markets saw a major boom in India!

In the past few months, the whole world has been going through a major crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Few months back, I saw discussions on a television news channel that said, if this disease spreads in our country’s 135 crore population, then about 4 crore people can die and this led to fear psychosis all around. I have made this “Prediction Of Hope” for our country, that India’s time and luck is good till February 2024 as per Flying Star Feng Shui which is the highest level of Feng Shui, and so, such a massive disaster that crores of people die in our country is not likely to happen at all. This is my clear opinion and strong prediction!

My latest prediction was featured and telecasted on major national television news channels like “Times Now” and “Mirror Now” on 15th July 2020. I am sanguine that my current prediction will also be proved right like my earlier prediction made in the year 2004.

India's Leading Vastu & Feng Shui Experts: Dr. Nitin Parakh & Ms. Kanika Parakh
Kanika, can you please let us know the difference between Vastu and Feng Shui, since you practice both?

Vastu and Feng Shui are two different sciences. They are like Homeopathy and Allopathy, different, yet have the same goal, which is to heal the disease. Similarly, Vastu and Feng Shui, both enhance the luck of the inmates of the property.

Homeopathy is great to treat chronic ailments like asthma, migraines and skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema, but if there is an acute disease like the plague, then one has to take recourse to allopathy, as only allopathy will be able to save the life of the patient in such a crisis.

In the same manner, Vastu and Feng Shui are also great sciences, having their individual area of effectiveness. In our opinion, in some types of places, Vastu is useful and in other types of places, Flying Star Feng Shui is great. Here it is important to point out and clarify that Feng Shui has 3 levels. The lowest and most basic level pertains to use of symbolic objects like the Laughing Buddha or a wind chime etc. Then there is an intermediate level as well.

However, professionally, we use the highest level of Feng Shui that is Flying Star Feng Shui, wherein we make a horoscope of the place and it is called the Flying Star Feng Shui chart which is based on the year of completion/first occupancy in the property and its exact facing direction which is generally the facing of the main door.

After a detailed interpretation of the Flying Star chart of a property, we understand the overall luck potential of the place for wealth, health and harmony and also the lucky and unlucky locations inside the property. Each house has a different horoscope or Flying Star chart. Here it is pertinent to note that the correct and true interpretation of the Flying Star Feng Shui chart of any property is a very complex process and only a highly experienced Feng Shui expert can do it perfectly.

In our clear opinion based on our scrupulous experience over the years, we promulgate the use of Flying Star Feng Shui in apartments and offices situated in multi-storied buildings and we use Vastu for ground floor bungalows. Thus, both the sciences have their own areas of effectiveness as I have just described.

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India's Leading Vastu & Feng Shui Experts: Dr. Nitin Parakh & Ms. Kanika Parakh
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