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Ipram brings transparency and provides insight into the crucial and practical aspects of patents

IPRAM caters to hundreds of clients from an individual researcher to a giant company all across the globe and has established itself as a well-recognized brand in the industry

Published: Jan 25, 2021 05:04:44 PM IST
Updated: Jan 25, 2021 06:24:48 PM IST

Ipram brings transparency and provides insight into the crucial and practical aspects of patents
Founded in 2012, IPRAM operates in the field of Intellectual Property and particularly patents. “We aim to throw light on the crucial and practical aspects of patents in a simplified and transparent manner”

IPRAM has to its name several recognitions such as being listed in the 30 Most Valuable Consultant Companies, 25 Most Promising IP, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Consulting Companies in India, 10 most admired companies to watch in 2019. The team includes patent agents, lawyers, patent analysts and support staff from pharma, biotech, information technology and engineering domains.

“We have catered to hundreds of clients from an individual researcher to a giant company all across the globe and established ourselves as a well-recognized brand in the industry”.  

The company today is under the able leadership of Pallavi Kharkar, Founder Consultant, IPRAM and has successfully assisted clients in filing and prosecuting patents globally, providing patent landscapes, freedom to operate opinions, non-infringement opinions, validity opinions, and in opposition and revocation proceedings. 

More About The Founder Consultant

Ms. Pallavi Kharkar is an industry veteran with over 22 years of experience in Pharma and global IPR. She has a master’s degree in both – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Law (IP and International Business). She is a registered patent agent in India with core expertise in developing comprehensive protection strategies, designing patent challenges, and providing clearances on various strategies related to product, process, and technology.Pallavi is an acknowledged expert in IP strategy – elected as world’s leading IP strategist into the prestigious IAM – 300 in 2013 and 2014. She is chosen as one of the 30 Influential Business Leaders 2017 by Insights Success magazine.

Challenges And Revolution

As a small firm, the company has faced financial challenges for survival and growth. The introduction of GST was one such challenging situation when the clients asked IPRAM to put ongoing projects on hold and work declined in general. But every challenge is short-lived and soon they adapted to it. For the founder, revolution means thinking and acting differently from how one was until that point. The world has entered the fourth Industrial revolution which differs from earlier ones. Now, there is no single technology or single driving idea, but ideas and technologies begin to connect and converge. IP and particularly patents have larger implications than ever before.

“I wish to make IPRAM an inviting workplace with abundant opportunities. I would also like to establish a learning and training center contributing to education and equipped with a huge library and many other resources. We are most proud of believing in our values and putting them into practice at each moment. Integrity, perseverance, reaching out, adding value and mentoring together makes IPRAM what it is” the founder added. 

Being A Consultant And Success

Scaling-up in the service sector and particularly in the consultation sector is most challenging. Also, consultation is largely dependent on individual expertise. In developed countries, this is well understood; charges are levied much in accordance with who is providing consultation and time spent. In India, clients often ask for rate reductions and the purpose of involving senior attorneys/consultants for providing best consultation is often diluted.

Pallavi further asserts, “We are still a small companyand success is a big word for us. One should like one’s job and be willing to put in 100 %. Competence, commitment and complete focus on the task at hand is needed. A combination of all these factors is vital.”

The founder hardly gets any time for leisure but she is very keen on watching the news. She is inclined towards reading,and enjoys watching movies and cricket whenever possible. She has participated in a few programs by ISHA foundation and makes it a point to include it in her daily routine to feel refreshed and energized. She stays connected with colleges and institutes for IP training and has also interned students from various law colleges and institutes and looks personally into their training.

Leadership Role

“We ensure that our decisions remain consistent with our values. We also get associated with the right people and firms for expansion of business and providing extended services to the clients. Webelieve in investing from an early stage to achieve a well-organized structure. IPRAM needed systems to handle huge data and docketing. After a lot of brainstorming by various team members,  the company developed several systems with the help of Mr Tushar Hadawale and his team at Apptroid.”

Everything from developing systems, formats, work culture, timelines and expectations has always been discussed openly in IPRAM for enabling each member to contribute and enrich collective experience. It is a common practice to spend time together during lunch and have brain-stimulating discussions.

Hiccups And Risks

Pallavi shares, “I have always thought of having a firm rather than working as a freelancer and growing to a particular level to found a firm. IPRAM was founded within 24 hours of my previous employment and within a month I had my first colleague, Mrs. Varsha Patel Rathod. Had she not accepted my proposal, my plans would halt then and there; I am and will always remain grateful to her. Within a year, we had our own office.”

After a few months, Pallavi had her second colleague Mrs.SonaliBhokarikar Singh and her contribution has immensely strengthened IPRAM. Ms. Vandana Mamidanna, Mrs.R Subbalakshmi, and Mrs. Sandhya Kheralia who joined a few years later have also put in a lot of efforts for the progress of the firm.

The founder strongly believes that one should leave no stone unturned in order to succeed. In the future, one should have no regrets for not trying. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Best Advice From The Founder's Desk

The founder consultant shares that the IP industry is a very challenging one and working in this industry is quite stimulating for the brain and mind which is a reward in itself. India is looked upon as a new global manufacturing hub which means that the IP industry is going to look forward to a massive boom soon. But at the same time jobs are quite demanding due to the deepening pool of several deadlines one has to meet throughout. However, this can be dealt with competency and focus. Those who can spend a massive chunk of the day reading, drafting, and analyzing and a lot of brainstorming would definitely love this field. 

Pallavi wraps by adding, “I would like to say particularly to young people to follow what they love and give their 100 %. Never take undue advantage of others and never let others take undue advantage of yourself and lastly, do not underestimate importance of hard work.

As said by the great A. P. J. Abdul Kalam"You see, God helps only people who work hard. That principle is very clear."

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