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Jake Nicks brings intense inspo to American dreamers on the rising top podcast, EgoLess

EgoLess is about interviewing those who appear to have it all on the outside

Published: Aug 19, 2020 11:50:13 AM IST
Updated: Aug 19, 2020 05:00:24 PM IST

When affluent entrepreneur Jake Nicks, host of the quick-rising podcast  EgoLess, decided to uncover the ‘who we are on the inside’ - he struck a chord.

And folks chasing joy amid 2020’s uncertain times are tuning in feeling stirred, motivated, and inspired by the questions Nicks is asking his high profile and celebrity guests. 

Jake Nick’s mission is clear and straightforward: To create a different approach by bringing value to us - but in an inspirational and informational kind of way.

Jake Nick’s EgoLess - A Top Podcast About Illuminating Innermost Strengths

Nicks explains, “I’m not selling anything. EgoLess is not about teaching people how to make money or run a business. And it’s not about how much money you make or who you are. EgoLess is about interviewing those who appear to have it all on the outside, yet digging deeper to  reveal how they genuinely feel on the inside.” 

Recent EgoLess interviews with TV personality and cooking show host, Paula Deen, Franchise Brand Builder featured on Undercover Boss, Jeff Dudan, and WWE Superstar Ron Killings show one commonality. And it’s not the journey they took to get where they are today. The dominating factor is how they fought through obstacles in their lives, just like we all have. 

Oddly enough, the success of Jake Nicks guests never comes from quantitative value or achievements. It comes from their innermost thoughts on how they’ve coped with what could’ve been barriers.

Why the Broken American Dream Means More than Successful Careers, Wealth, and Freedom

Most times, being wealthy represents the American Dream:

A 40-foot yacht so you can travel the Caribbean with your very own captain and deckhands. The biggest and the best motor-home to travel around the country, having uninterrupted time to explore each destination to its fullest. A 12K foot mansion with housekeepers and a garage filled with sports cars. 

Anyone? Anyone?

Believe it or not, 40 percent of Americans believe that wealth does not necessarily define the American Dream. Yet, every single day, a vast number of Americans wake up fantasizing about how nice it would be to win the lottery so they can be like what the media represents as having it all.

Do fiscal or career circumstances even matter? It would be unreasonable to say they don’t. The majority of Americans today have debt to pay off. 

But stop and think about how many times you’ve asked somebody, “What do you do?”

How many responses were detailed job descriptions? And how many responses revolved around hobbies and passions? 

Is your answer shocking?

EgoLess Podcast: Not Just About the Journey

You see, Jake Nicks believes the American Dream means more than the “what you do” concept. His “who you are on the inside” theory is why EgoLess is creating all the buzz. 

Every single one of us faces difficulties in life. We’ve learned through our mistakes, felt fearful of the future, and experienced deep pain. 

Stop and think about how many times you’ve asked somebody, “How have you been through life?”

How many responses detailed heartaches? And then how many answers coupled that with info about the ultimate joy stemming from those heartaches? 

“It’s not about the info; it’s about the inspo,” Nicks says.

is one of the top 2020 inspirational, and binge-worthy podcasts focused on compelling stories of inspiration and how life is more than the journey of molding ourselves into perfection. It showcases everything in between - the nitty-gritty.

You Are More Important than What You do

“You are more important than what you do,” Nicks says. 

The goal with the EgoLess podcast is to change lives through the questions asked to each prominent guest interviewed on the show. 

Results mean more to most of us than, say, who we are as people. But if you combine results with how a person is affected by those results, plus center it based on their principles (who they are) – you come up with something much different than what everybody else believes in. 

It’s called living a life of balance. And who wouldn’t be inspired to live a life centered around sincere gratitude for life and the gifts you have to offer others – whether it be talents or providing help to others in some way, shape or form.

Let’s stop searching for pleasure boosters through money, people, and business. Look past the temporary fixes and visit the inner-you, instead.

Jake Nick’s life changed because of someone else’s inspiration, so he wants to pay it forward and move you forward in all areas of your life –in an inspiring and informative way. “This podcast is my gift to the world,” he says.

Feel free to follow Jake on social media: @jakejnicks. Or, check out his EgoLess Podcast.

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