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James Luctamar creates excellent music from Unique Mashups to exceptional covers

James is a thriving musician who is creating extraordinary music

Published: Jul 14, 2020 01:33:56 PM IST

James Luctamar creates excellent music from Unique Mashups to exceptional covers
Sure, anyone can have a simple appreciation for music, but very few truly understand the hard work and time put in by artists to produce the powerful melodies that are sung in cars or danced to at parties. Every musician is unique. Some artists may struggle with their craft in their early years, while others seem to just be born with it. One such artist with a unique musical gift flowing through his veins is James Luctamar, and this is his exceptional story.

Fast forward to now, and James is a thriving musician who is creating extraordinary music, everything from mashups to engaging covers. He is gifted explicitly on the piano, and thousands of fans are gravitating toward his dynamic covers of popular songs. His followers give James “two thumbs up,” which is evident as one of his covers generated 100,000 likes and retweets across social media platforms.

His passion as an artist has also led him to also be highly skilled at playing the drums, and he doesn’t plan on stopping there! Having started his musical journey incredibly early in life, he is in a constant state of discovering new ways to create his authentic musical musings.

At the young age of 11, James began playing music from all different genres, everything ranging from Hip Hop, to Gospel, to Reggae, to Dancehall, to top 40s hits. But what is truly amazing is that he mastered them all just by simply listening, which is very uncommon, even for musicians.

This New York-based musician says that he has not actually encountered a genre of music that he doesn’t like so far. Regardless of the genre, James can uncover the beauty in the melody and the depth of the song’s message, even if they remain an enigma to other listeners. His unique gift enables him to create new, catchy versions of popular songs that most people have not experienced before. Because of this, more and more fans are being drawn to his unique musical renditions.

James’s unique ability to isolate notes, differentiate them from each other, and decipher one instrument from another is something he does with ease. He can easily dissect a song and create a new dramatic melody that reveals an even bigger message than the original artist intended.

So, what makes James an up-and-coming musical sensation? His exceptional ear for music makes him stand out from the pack. James can draw out the romance and tenderness in a song that normally remains subtle and often goes unnoticed. Plus, his 10 million impressions and engagements on social media and streaming platforms are a clear illustration of the impact he’s made on listeners worldwide.    

James likes to dream big, and he hopes to reach a wider audience through his collaborations with other talented artists and music enthusiasts. His continuous goal to share his passion with his audiences through his remarkable mashups and dynamic covers gives fans the opportunity to expect more out of this shining star in the near future.  

Follow more of James’s journey and listen to his covers on Instagram and Twitter today!

Instagram: @james.luctamar

Twitter: @james_luctamar

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