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Jatt Prabhjot's 'Manzil' shows how success doesn't come easily

Manzil is his maiden song and while writing its lyrics, JP lived his life, all over again

Published: May 13, 2020 10:56:29 AM IST
Updated: May 13, 2020 02:01:10 PM IST

Jatt Prabhjot's 'Manzil' shows how success doesn't come easily

Building a robust social media presence is not easy! Especially in times like these, when every other person has a smartphone and is making videos of the mundane and not-so-mundane! In this multitude of wannabe vloggers, the name Jatt Prabhjot (JP) resonates for being a phenomenon, thanks to his humble approach to the medium and his strong belief that the medium should not be corrupted.

The ever-smiling Sikh gentleman is one of the most popular YouTuber with a profound love for motorbikes. He considers travelling as his greatest source of energy and he also feels that travelling is as much about exploring your own mind as an individual as it is about exploring the world around you. A Software engineer by profession, JP showcases his passion for motor bikes through his YouTube channel, Jatt Prabhjot, which has currently 1.22M subscribers. His Instagram page, jatt_prabhjot, enjoys an equally significant popularity with 272k followers.

He is now releasing his new song ‘Manzil’, which narrates his real-life journey from oblivion to standing on the zenith of online stardom.

Delhi-based JP has had an inspiring journey, wherein he had to work really hard to achieve his goals, some of which were daring dreams. It all starts with his zeal to conquer the world, one step at a time. And this hunger for more came from watching his parents working hard to make the ends meet. The turmoil of living in a single room with five other members of the family instilled in him the need to be better than yesterday.

Manzil is his maiden song and while writing its lyrics, JP lived his life, all over again. Despite that, he has not refrained from baring it all. The song is as honest as JP himself is in his life. One of the lines from the song, “Vaise to Mansil Hai Bahut Door Par Kahi Log Humein Ginte Sitaro Mein” especially describes his own life-journey.

With Manzil, JP wanted to share his own journey with his listeners, hoping that his audience would relate to his journey and feel the song resonating with their own struggles.

JP says that if his song manages to show the light at the end of the tunnel to even one individual, his purpose shall be served!

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