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Just Herbs: Crowdsourced Ayurveda

Online-driven, direct-to-consumer Ayurvedic beauty company Just Herbs has such a devoted fan-base of loyal customers that they call the shots on almost everything ranging from the packaging and names to even the formulae of its products.

Published: Apr 2, 2019 02:14:13 AM IST
Updated: Apr 2, 2019 06:28:33 PM IST

The Indian millennial consumer is no longer accepting the 'cookie-cutter,' 'one-size-fits-all' approach to anything that they consume. 

Everything from food and beverages to fashion and entertainment is customized, on-demand and curated to suit their specific needs. Beauty is no different.

Gone are the days when marketing departments at big beauty companies could get away with 'creating wants and desires’ through persuasive advertising. Today, beauty trends are created on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook feeds of regular people, the so-called 'beauty influencers' who lead tribes of devoted fans and followers.  

One natural beauty company has amassed a cult-following of conscious-minded consumers across India, driven by this trend. Meet Just Herbs: A home-grown, award-winning and PETA-certified Ayurvedic beauty company that has such a devoted fan-base that  they call the shots on almost everything ranging from the packaging, names and even the formulae of its products.  

Case in point: In 2017, thousands of women came together on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook handles to decide on shades, texture and functionality of a 99.3% natural BB cream christened the Herb-enriched Skin Tint. As of now, Just Herbs is crowdsourcing for India’s first version of a micellar-water makeup remover with a long wait-list of products suggested by its customers that they’d like the brand to work on next.  

“The fundamental shift in our preferences towards authenticity, engagement and values over mere features and benefits in the brands we consume has impacted beauty in a big way,” says Arush Chopra, CEO, Just Herbs.

Just Herbs - that stands for Safety, Honesty and Effectiveness - is deeply rooted in this phenomenon. “We disclose ingredients in full, tell you the exact percentage of ‘naturalness' on each product label and launch new products not because we see a huge market potential, but because our loyal customers ask for it,” explains Chopra.

The natural beauty industry is expected to reach $22 billion in sales by 2024. Moreover, as per a recent study by the Confederation of Indian Industry, the Indian Ayurvedic industry is projected to have a compounded annual growth rate of 16% until 2025, with products accounting for 75% of the market.

Positioned in a premium yet accessible price bracket, Just Herbs currently offers over 70 SKUs of skincare, hair care and body care products. The brand caters to urban women who are extremely health conscious and carefully read what is written at the back of a product label.

Just Herbs products do not contain sulphates, parabens, bleaching agents, etc. All the ingredients used in the products are picked from original habitats and the formulations are made by hand, using wild-crafted ingredients, at the brand’s in-house manufacturing unit in Mohali. All Just Herbs products are PETA-certified, 98.2% to 100% natural, with a high concentration of certified organic ingredients.

Apart from its own e-store, Just Herbs is available on platforms such as Nykaa, Amazon and Myntra and has six exclusive stores and points-of-sale in Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Chennai and Mumbai with plans to further expand its offline footprint.  

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