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Katrina Antonovich - The Interior Designer of The Era

Luxury Antonovich Design is the best creative company in Dubai, which offers the best interior design solutions in various styles and arts

Published: Jul 14, 2020 02:01:29 PM IST
Updated: Jul 14, 2020 05:40:44 PM IST

Katrina Antonovich - The Interior Designer of The Era
Of course, each profession has its own recognized “idols”. Famous interior designers are undoubtedly one of the most creative people on our planet, defining the face of each new era. Architecture and design are two complementary areas that create aesthetics and comfort.

Katrina Antonovich design fantasy does not have any restrictions, which she mostly directs to the design of original interior projects, author's furniture, and decor. Katrina is one of the most sought-after designers on the Dubai coast, India as well as all over Europe and the USA. The luxurious interiors of private apartments, suburban complexes, and hotels are the work of this talented designer.

Her style is an example of modern neoclassicism with a host of eclectic solutions. Katrina’s creations remain timeless, as she combines elements of styles from different eras in her architectural projects. Her projects are called luxurious, while the designer herself defines luxury as perfect architectural proportions and a balance between interior elements. She makes all the items for her interiors exclusively in one copy. That is why they are unique works of art.

Projects by Katrina Antonovich combine a game of imagination and creativity from an exquisite interior to a cozy landscape and fashionable fit-out. Luxurious interior designs and architectural projects around the world were created by Katrina's company — Luxury Antonovich Design. The design solutions are striking in full compliance with customer needs. She stole the hearts of lovers of beautiful interiors with her incredible sense of beauty and an interesting approach to details. If you are looking for ideas for a stylish and cozy interior, then Katrina Antonovich is the one you need!

Luxury Antonovich Design is the best creative company in Dubai, which offers the best interior design solutions in various styles, from classic, modern, and sophisticated art deco, to the original loft and technological hi-tech. This is a creative team consisting of professional specialists in the field of architecture and design, with many years of experience and familiarity with modern technologies and materials.

Luxury Antonovich Design works with premium segment projects of various sizes: from furniture and interior design to architecture, project management, and author's support and supervision and putting objects into operation. Among the projects of our company are suburban residences of VIP clients, apartments for young hosts and interiors of executive apartments, fashionable restaurants, and world-class hotels.

The new office of Luxury Antonovich Design Company was opened in Miami, expanding the boundaries of its influence in the field of interior design all over the USA. Another significant step in Katrina’s career is the opening of Luxury Antonovich Home KA FURNITURE Showroom in Dubai. This step is of fundamental importance for the whole business empire. From year to year, Katrina’s career is developing and rapidly moving towards great success. Due to the consistent growth in business during the past few years, the company Luxury Antonovich Design provides professional interior design services, full home furnishing, decoration, and interior lighting all over India. Among the implemented projects in India, you can see a large number of luxury villas and apartments, private residences, boutiques, and hotels.

Luxury Antonovich Home, the best company of furniture production and sale is a modern enterprise in Dubai that has its own manufacture of the most modern designer furniture models in a wide assortment. The working credo of the company is a constant desire for improvement and development.

The best designer furniture and interior items,  carpets, curtains, lighting fixtures, and interior design ideas, presented in the showroom organically combine such traditional qualities as style, comfort, convenience, ergonomics, environmental cleanliness of the materials used with modern design and beauty. The designers are not afraid of bold experiments, the use of innovative materials, so each of the products has its own individual look.

The process of creating the best collections of furniture by Luxury Antonovich Home is real creativity. Each element performs its specific function. The use in the production of high-quality solid wood of rare and exotic species, durable and environmentally friendly plywood, and the best Italian fabrics determines the production of furniture and decor of premium quality. At all stages of furniture production, the specialists use the most modern and advanced equipment, which allows producing furniture products that are becoming the most beloved and fashionable in the whole world.

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