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Making India great again: Dr. Sohan Roy's magnanimous vision of US$1 = 1INR

Dr Sohan Roy initiated Indywood Billionaires Club to bring Indian NRI Stakeholders to work towards 'Developed India 2030'

Published: Oct 22, 2020 04:13:55 PM IST
Updated: Oct 22, 2020 06:49:04 PM IST

Making India great again: Dr. Sohan Roy's magnanimous vision of US<img = 1INR
A true leader's mark is his willingness to take courageous steps in an era of extreme competition and commotion. As they know, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for what you truly believe in. Dr. Sohan Roy is a strong leader who has conquered his deepest fears and forayed into unchartered territories and conquered diversified industries. Today, he has established himself as a respected social entrepreneur, creative visionary, and a Midas Touch man.

A Naval Architect by profession, Dr. Sohan Roy's rise to success is an inspiring story of hard work, natural wisdom, and perseverance. He is counted among the most influential personalities in the Middle East for nearly a decade. He diversified from its humble beginning as a Naval Architect into fields as varied as Maritime, Entertainment, 3D Technology, IT, Media, Multiplexes, Healthcare, and Tourism. Dr. Roy is the Founder Chairman and CEO of Aries Group of Companies, a multinational consortium of 56 companies and a presence in over 15 countries. The Group has among its rides the world's largest Offshore, NDT, Rope Access, Inspection, and Ship design consultancy firm.

To usher in a new era in the Indian Cinema, Dr. Roy initiated the US$10 billion Project Indywood. It aims to bridge the gap between the Indian and international film markets and open new avenues for international trade and investments. Chasing his dream to Make India Great again, he launched his ambitious key pillar of this project – The Indywood Billionaires Club. This is the first of its kind elite network that comprises over 200 influential and wealthy Indian NRI stakeholders who can help achieve the revolutionary vision of a Developed India 2030.

Launched at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad in 2016, the club has been setting chapters across India and UAE, attracting India's successful Indian Billionaires and visionaries to its fold, facilitating the nation's rebuilding process. The consortium aims to achieve the collective dream  of strengthening the Indian Rupee making it equal to One Dollar ($1 = INR 1).  "In this competitive professional world, it's no longer not about the survival of the fittest, as the future is meant for the efficient ones. As a first step towards efficiency improvement, we must plug the economic drain holes in our country and upgrade our human resources' quality," Dr. Roy quotes.

As part of his Industrial Research Program, Dr. Roy conceptualized and created EFFISM (Efficiency Improvement System Management), a potent tool for calibrating and effectively measuring an individual's efficiency and the state-of-the-art software TIME. It is the first validated Industrial Research Product developed by Aries International Maritime Research Institute (AIMRI). Based on the basic principle of balanced body, mind, and Karma (1:1:1), EFFISM allows individuals to maintain a perfect work-life balance and achieve their goals effortlessly. It not just understands an individual's efficiency, but also changes their fundamental character and improves it daily. It identifies efficiency drain holes through its 200 set parameters and helps increase the profits of an organization by up to 30 – 300% through efficiency improvement.

Dr. Roy quotes, "Laziness is the biggest enemy of mankind, which doesn't allow him to grow and reach his full potential. But if you wish to survive in this competitive world, you need to break through the barriers you have made around you and transform yourself. We have heard the Hare and Tortoise tale, where the hare lost the race due to his Laziness to a slow-moving tortoise. Through EFFISM, we help you find your hidden potential and convert you into a Hartoise, where you will have the dynamic pace of a Hare and a systematic approach of a Tortoise." Interestingly, be it a CEO of an organization, Entrepreneur, Corporate Staff, Student, or Common man, everyone can use EFFISM and transform their lives for the better.

The various unique features include HR Transformation, 24hr system, Character Change, Health Management System, KPIs, IT Support & Security Level, Interface / Customization with ERP, Mobile application, and Content Generation / Animation support. EFFISM also offers 3 levels of Hartoise Certification to enhance one's efficiency.

Dr. Sohan Roy aims to bring the entire Indian Billionaire Community under this blockchain concept of EFFISM to achieve the magnanimous vision of US$1 = 1INR. As part of the First Phase of EFFISM, a centralized IT Centre with a level security system, Training System, and content development studio has been developed at Trivandrum Technopark. This facility will be able to serve over 300 companies. Free training for its members and few non-Indywood Billionaires club members has also been planned to include different industry representations.

Dr. Roy firmly believes that an individual's destiny is decided by his Karma, and Karma can be designed by You, yourself. Young at heart but wise in years, Dr. Roy's glorious run of impactful dreams continue to shape lives and the communities around the world, fueling his aim to achieve more. He continues to venture where there are no defined paths, and leave trails for others to follow – because that's what real leaders do.

To know more about Dr. Sohan Roy visit www.sohanroy.com or follow him on https://www.facebook.com/SohanRoy/

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