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Business Investment CEO, Marty Chapman, says company community is a priority amid COVID-19

Through 40-years of his experience, he has built some great teams that continue to support one another at every level

Published: Oct 22, 2020 04:08:57 PM IST
Updated: Oct 22, 2020 05:27:00 PM IST

Business Investment CEO, Marty Chapman, says company community is a priority amid COVID-19
It’s no secret that COVID-19 has completely changed and restructured the way we do business today. Millions of businesses are suddenly managing multinational operations entirely through laptops and computers, which means the notion of in-person company culture and bonding is no longer relevant. This kind of coworker interaction used to be vital in creating business communities – what are these entities supposed to do now?

The ‘new normal’ is here to stay, which is why Marlo Holdings CEO, Marty Chapman, is imploring executives to change their expectations and adapt to the times.

“Everyone knows that the foundation of a company or team is the ability to connect and operate as a community,” said Chapman. “I have seen so many businesses sink because they fail to put time into this culture that is essential for success today. No matter the industry or the kind of team that’s at question, investing time into company culture will pay off. We just have to adjust our expectations on how to do this in 2020, heading into 2021.”

Through Chapman’s 40-years of entrepreneurial financial experience, he has built some of the biggest teams in business that continue to support one another at every level. Using foundational leadership and an honest style of instruction that encourages all team members to work with honesty, Chapman has mastered the art of bringing people from every walk of life together.

“Understanding the importance of transparency, honesty, and integrity is one thing – actually putting it into practice is a whole different ballgame,” explains Chapman. “It’s all about leading by example. If a manager is talking poorly about team members, they are going to do the same thing. There has to be an emphasis on fairness – no favorites. Executives and managers need to remember that these are people, too.”

Chapman builds his teams using a unique evaluation process that ensures all team members will be able to collaborate at the highest level. The business mogul taps into the raw strength of the individual, focusing less on their education and credentials, and more on the person themselves. Thanks to social distancing mandates today, this has become incredibly important since we are only permitted to communicate with team members through text and video call. A person’s personality and attributes have to be strategically in-line with the goal of that team. Otherwise, a lot will get lost in translation.

Chapman Knows the New Normal is Here to Stay

Studies have found that 67% of companies expect work from home to be a permanent or long-lasting reality for their company after COVID-19. These businesses have gone through the effort of adopting remote work policies that are ready to sustain the entity in the future. Regardless of what happens with vaccines and laws, it’s safe to say, companies are no longer going to pay the commercial rent for office spaces when their employees can just work at home. That’s why collaboration and community need to become a cornerstone element in every business plan, according to Chapman.

“It’s important to allow the team the opportunity to speak up and provide input, whether it be through an email or on a call today,” said Chapman. “I prefer to say that I work with my employees, they don’t work for me. They are human beings, and their thoughts and opinions need to be valued. This can be hard to do through a laptop, which is why it’s so important that new systems like weekly video check-ins and FaceTimes be incorporated to keep that human element in business alive.”

A World-Class Visionary

Chapman is known for his world-class leadership and motivational speaking engagements today. The entrepreneur conquers his day to day activities with relentless energy, showcasing how much he loves what he does. It’s that kind of enthusiasm, Chapman claims, that inspires his team members to adopt a positivity when they approach the day, too – even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Beginning the day at 4AM, with a morning run to wake up his mind and body, Chapman is constantly detailing the goals he plans to conquer. He keeps a running list, encouraging everyone around him to plan for their goals and reach for the stars. When he’s not starting new businesses, relaying the importance of company culture and collaboration in 2020, or managing his world-class empire, Chapman can be found diving into his unabashed passion for music. In fact, his entire business start came from being in a band.

“It all has to be about passion – passion for what you know and love to do. You can’t live someone else’s life. You have to get out there and live the life you want to live,” said Chapman. “In a lot of ways, people are getting a do-over with their careers thanks to the coronavirus. Things are changing, workflow is going digital, and how we interact is completely transforming. It’s up to you if you want to be part of this conversation for the new normal. At its foundation is going to be a company’s ability to foster collaboration and community – even through computers.”

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