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Malik Duquon Brockett - The investor 'A Prodigy'

"I would like to say I am very blessed to be in the position I am now, being able to help others succeed with their businesses." - Malik Brockett

Published: Aug 28, 2020 11:21:13 AM IST
Updated: Aug 28, 2020 03:37:57 PM IST

Malik Duquon Brockett - The investor 'A Prodigy'
Malik Brockett is one of the youngest billionaires in the world right now. At 23 years of age, Malik is well equipped with all the investment tricks and has experience that very few seasoned investors can claim to possess.

After having invested in companies like Apple Inc., Bank of America, Charter Communications, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines and JP Morgan among many others; Malik founded “The Brockett Group” and has established himself in the field of investments, business, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. 

Rightfully termed a Prodigy, Malik is an inspiration to investors, entrepreneurs and business minds worldwide. As of December 2019, his cost of total equity investments carried at the market was $132,860 million and market rate were $356,158 million.

We had a detailed discussion about his foresight, instinct, decision making, business plans, personal essentials & the road ahead. One of the youngest billionaires and a philanthropist gave us detailed insights with his answers. We are pleased to share a few excerpts from the discussion with Malik:

 • How does one turn into a pro Investor / exceptional investor?

As an investor, always stay active & alert; stay focused on market trends & sometimes one must be prepared to take the risk for the next big thing. 

To be an exceptional entrepreneur you need to have the hunger to do things others are scared of. The key to success is always investing in yourself that can be through education or continuously learning and challenging yourself.

 • Do you have a specific industry or geographic focus for your investments? 

Not really, I do each and everything if it can make me money. At this present time, I am heavily focused in the banking and finance industry with plans of opening my private bank along with my hedge fund which will be launching soon. 

 •  What metrics are you tracking when considering an investment? 

I have in house analysts and a team who are specialized in helping me always find the right investments but personally I will always investigate the track record of a company, their leaders, and future objectives. 

 • What do you do to keep yourself calm and sorted? Being such an amazing investor, it must be a little difficult to manage everything sometimes. How do you deal with that?  

I tend to divert my mind when I feel stressed or overwhelmed through business or my investments. I believe spending time with my loved ones including some of my family members and of course my friends help. Meditating for 30 minutes and drinking plenty of water also helps. 

 • Where would you see The Brockett Group 10 years from now? 

The Brockett Group will be one of the largest hedge funds in the USA. I will be tapping into various other industries over the years such as technology, health, energy, media, consumer retail, construction, hospitality, finance, real estate and transportation.   

 • After reaching billionaire status and fulfilling your dreams, what do you want to do next? 

I want to be able to give back more to the people in need through various charities, foundations, organizations and scientific research groups I am supporting through non-profit. I want to create more schools, jobs, better healthcare facilities and programs for the younger generation. 

 •  Recently, you donated $1 Million to “Black Lives Matter”. What do you think we have to do to stop racial discrimination in this world? Other than donations, what else can we do? 

We need to stick up for what is right and speak against what is wrong. Let our voices be heard. As a young black man in America, I have seen a lot of racial discrimination in my country amongst various communities, but I will be empowering people who do not have a voice. Indeed, money does not solve the problem, but it is better to do something than nothing. 

 •  If you were not an entrepreneur, what would you be? What are your other passions? 

A variety of things. I would have been involved in sports. I was incredibly talented at a young age and always loved playing basketball. I am very creative with my interest in arts, to be exact graffiti and music. I love the adrenaline rush I get from whatever I do. I am the type of person that tries to master all things rather it’s in entertainment, sports, anything really. I consider myself to be versatile. 

We are certain that reading Malik’s thoughts would have helped you understand how he is changing the definition of effective entrepreneurship. We wish Malik great success with all his ventures and endeavours. Welcome to the ten-digit club, Malik!



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