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Meet Hafeez Kudroli: The star behind 'Kudroli World' is the next big thing in India

Idolising his father's business ethics, Hafeez Kudroli aims to walk on the path of Ratan Tata and thrive for excellence in all spheres of life

Published: Jan 21, 2020 05:50:00 PM IST
Updated: Jan 21, 2020 06:27:38 PM IST

Meet Hafeez Kudroli: The star behind 'Kudroli World' is the next big thing in India

While there are businesses which cater to one category, Hafeez Kudroli’s conglomerate ‘Kudroli World’ has gone miles ahead and has excelled in every field. The company has its interests in building infrastructure, materials, real estate, broadcast media, apparel and fashion for men, women and kids, food, hospitality, entertainment, investment services, sports, fundraising and much more.

Born in Kasaragod and brought up in Goa, he is a civil engineer by qualification. After his graduation, he took over his family business 'Kudroli Builder & Infrastructures Pvt Ltd'. In 2 years, the young entrepreneur has completed projects worth over millions. His only life mantra is to build an empire and give more than he gets. Idolizing his father’s business ethics, Hafeez Kudroli aims to walk on the path of Ratan Tata and thrive for excellence in all spheres of life.

In a candid conversation, the entrepreneur speaks it all about his journey, the future of ‘Kudroli World’ and much more! Excerpts from the conversation:

Q: Your company Kudroli World offers multiple services to the customers. What is its main goal?

A: I started my company to make a small world inside a company. I own more than 13 different companies under the name 'Kudroli World'. I basically want to cater to the people in all fields and all the things at an affordable rate. I wish to see myself owning and growing gradually at least with 50 companies under Kudroli World before I turn 30. The other aim Kudroli World is looking at is to give employment to the maximum Indians. And then cater 50% of the income to the needy people and help the society.

Q: What was the first venture you did as an entrepreneur in Kudroli World?

A: As I finished my education, I entered into my family infrastructure business under ‘Kudroli Builders and Infrastructures’. And then slowly to diversify my business interests, I started with Kudroli World and my first project under it was ‘The Lapel’ which caters to designer clothes for weddings and parties and corporate suits.

Q: What are the challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur?

A: I started young and I like to keep things easy. I have faced initial troubles in getting the right people to work with me. All the good people are already hired by companies and to find the right people was a challenge.

Q: What's next for Kudroli World?

A: We are coming up with a brand called ‘Baby Sutra’. It is the first of its kind in India where we offer hydrotherapy, infant massage and grooming services to infants and toddlers. We also plan to cater to the needs of pregnant women and mothers by hosting various classes and events. We want to create a community for mothers and babies where they can enjoy and learn at the same time.

Q: Please tell us something about your NGO Kudroli Foundation?

A: Kudroli Foundation is a place where my wife and I try our best to educate the poor people. We have an aim of educating at least 5000 students in the coming year. We are a group who would love to associate with any group or society who are in need of their basic needs of life. With our foundation, we want to be a difference in this world with the least we can do.

Q: What does a day in Hafeez Kudroli's life look like?

A: I wake up early. I am a person who likes to keep things easy and simple. Go to the office and then back home for lunch and again have my meetings for the day covered. By sunset, I like to be at home and spend time with family. The only need for my day is to read the news before I go to bed. I almost go through 5 news apps and get all my information right before I go to sleep.

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