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Meet the Founder of Young Revolutionary minds and emerging artist "Jesse Forte AKA Jforte."

Here are the insights of Jesse's prevailing experience in this world

Published: Oct 8, 2020 12:07:06 PM IST

Meet the Founder of Young Revolutionary minds and emerging artist "Jesse Forte AKA Jforte."
You might know Jesse Forte from his entrepreneurial podcast "Young Revolutionary Minds". Maybe you listened to one of his rap songs, like- Make It Happen. Or, even read his award-winning book- Fail Forward Through Success. What you probably didn't know is that he is a tech leader working with India and bordering countries to bridge the gap between music and technology through YRM. Before we get into that, there are a few things you need to know first. Here are the insights of Jesse's prevailing experience in this world.

Tell us about your overall experience in India.

My life changed when I moved to India. I was finally able to see from a different perspective, a new start. From visiting the Taj Mahal to being chased by monkeys in Monkey Temple, all the way to meditating with Monks at the Tree of Enlightenment. At first, it was a lot to take in but once I embraced the people I met, earned the respect of the villages I connected with and travelled then I realized we had a lot more in common than I thought and that was always the reason to visit. I've lived in a lot of different places around the world but India has always been a special place for me. 

What's your favorite food from India?

"I love Murg Mahkani, with garlic naan, palak paneer and a side of roti. I'm trying to eat less meat though," says Jesse. 

What are your favorite places to visit in India?

"I fell in love with Bodghaya, I love Rishikesh for it's adventurous activities like river rafting and you can't forget about Jaipur which host the beautiful Taj Mahal," said Jesse.

How the great Jesse Forte managed to establish himself and work with people in India?

I was able to perform my music in clubs and community events, I ate with the locals and I experienced a true once in a lifetime opportunity. One of the biggest lessons I learned In India was to work with what I had, rather than waiting for something to miraculously come to me. I choose to be as diligent and resourceful as I can with what I have. 

On which of the themes you are currently working on?

" The last 6 months has been wild, I just started putting my music on all platforms and it blew up from 0 people listening to over 3 million. For me, a guy who performed in subways, in Delhi, on sidewalks and any place I could manage to share it to now knowing as we speak thousands are listening is an honor. I now work in the tech, music and leadership roles but one of my passions is bridging the gap between music and technology by connecting developers and technical minds with artist, musicians and visionaries through my YRM platform. All one has to do is log in through here and share what you are working on. There are hundreds of people waiting to collaborate with you!

From speaking on stages to designing my own top tier conferences, I am ready to step into the next opportunities I create. "

Jesse's most pressing issues as an entrepreneur.

"I realize that living in America is a blessing and I'm passionate about diversity and inclusion. As an African American male, I realized early on that my career path would be different and that I would need to work 3 times as much to get to my goals. I have first hand witnessed what it's like being a minority in large scale companies and that's what inspires me to create my own organizations and opportunities. At the end of the day, nobody is going to work on my goal as hard as I will for myself." said Jesse. "India plays a key role in this process because of how brilliant everyone is from there and the technical expertise that is relevant in the area," said Jesse.

What is your next move?

I originally went to India to give back, teach, see a new country and enjoy the process. My next vision involves more philanthropy, more community projects where we support local communities. India opened my heart and allowed me to appreciate my journey and appreciate the blessings I currently have. I entered into ted stages to share my two cents on humanitarian re-construction, I helped people I may never see again and I did what I could to be a positive citizen while I was in India.

How do you want people to connect with you?

"My vision is to create music, content and books that stimulate people's mind. I want people to listen to the words in my music, I want them to highlight the parts of my books that resonate with them and I want people to take in the content I create to support their dreams. I plan on inspiring 6 billion people through my voice, cultivating relationships on all continents and live life to the fullest every day" said Jesse. Follow him on Instagram and make a profile on his website

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