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Molly Chakraborty: Breaking the glass ceiling in Hi-Tech Industry

Molly is aptly described as a visionary and a thought leader by her peers

Published: May 5, 2020 06:37:49 PM IST
Updated: May 12, 2020 05:21:15 PM IST

Molly Chakraborty: Breaking the glass ceiling in Hi-Tech Industry
Coming from a family where very few women went to college before her, to earning her engineering degree along with a gold medal, to finally becoming a successful entrepreneur in the technology industry, Molly Chakraborty has a penchant for breaking stereotypes.

“What’s really important to me is to have the freedom to dream and the courage to fail. Without either of them, our life would not really be ours,” says Molly.

After having graduated in Electrical Engineering with a gold medal from the Jadavpur University, Calcutta, Molly embarked on her professional career with a dream of making a difference. She was accepted into the PhD program at the University of Maryland to pursue research in neural networks, an emerging field at that time. However, she returned to India leaving an incomplete PhD to care for her toddler son she had left back home.

While growing up, Molly pursued several art forms and has a Visarad degree in Indian classical dance and a diploma in vocal music. These creative pursuits shaped her personality and interests. Molly understood the value of art and science in everyday life. This defined her penchant for pursuing creativity and excellence in everything she did.

She has extensive experience in Supply Chain management and has worked with global firms like Tata Consultancy Services and Oracle. At Oracle she was a technology and thought leader. She took a lead role in shaping the product by fitting market needs with technology and creativity. After several years in Oracle, Molly realized that it was time to make a bigger impact in the industry.

The passion in her to make a difference, her vision to gauge the future opportunities and her inclination for disruption made her found Trinamix in 2008 with a vision of providing innovative solutions to complex business problems in the supply chain in an ever changing market. Trinamix is a US based global company today that facilitates business process transformation of organizations into integrated supply chain and Industry 4.0. “I could clearly see and understand the importance of sensing the market trend and creating solutions for industries to lead in the supply chain innovation space. This spurred me, along with my partners to transform Trinamix into a global business”, says Molly.

Molly believes in the principles of leading by design, putting the ‘Customer First’, employing the best professionals in the market, inculcating a culture of creativity and nurturing a collaborative environment where everyone can innovate, perform at their best and thrive for excellence.

Trinamix also plays a key role in building pieces of solutions to create an end to end supply chain and I4.0. Trinamix has built several cloud based products that complement Oracle products available in the market. Trinamix plays a key role in the semiconductor industry with its cloud based MES solution, an innovative offering that competes with SAP offering in similar industries. In CPG, retail space promotions planning and trade settlement is critical and Trinamix has built a competitive solution available on Oracle Marketplace.

On Industry 4.0 Trinamix has emerged as an early player with offerings on design thinking, Industry 4.0 lab and use case for IOT, block chain and adaptive intelligence. Trinamix brands and exchange ideas through sponsoring events such as “Oracle Open World” and Platinum sponsor for Oracle’s “Modern Business Experience”, besides being the co-host for webinars along with Oracle. Trinamix maintains an effective relationship with Oracle senior management.

Molly says, “I ascertain to provide all my employees an environment of continual learning. We promote free thinking, collaboration and exchange of ideas between peers. We have mentorship programs, and a training department to foster continual learning. Our employees are regularly certified by Oracle solutions. We also have incentive driven innovation programs as reflected by our track record of innovative solutions developed by our team.”

In 2018, Molly was accepted by the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she learnt the latest innovation techniques, got associated with world class executives and became a proud member in the community of industry leaders. Coming from a middle class family from Calcutta, Molly developed empathy towards others in her growing years. At Stanford she organized a fundraiser to fund the higher education of students of the staff of Stanford University.

Molly also likes to contribute to her community and the society at large. She regularly participates in overnight marathon-like walks to fund organizations that support prevention of suicide. She is currently working towards a program to improve opportunities for girls in need in India to pursue careers in STEM. Molly is a global traveler and appreciates art in any form.

website - https://www.trinamix.com/

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