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Nailing the performance in digital space- Omar De Villar

The goal of his company is to help people grow socially by connecting with important celebrities on Instagram

Published: Jan 5, 2021 02:52:33 PM IST

Nailing the performance in digital space- Omar De Villar
In today's day and age, there are lots of sources through which a person can earn. Even if a person has the basic educational qualifications, he/she can still find some work following his interests, through which he can earn passive income and gain certain real-life experiences and practical knowledge as well. Internet is the major source through which the younger generation can seek work and one of the most popular areas of working that most people gravitate towards is Digital Marketing. The digital space allows people to showcase their creativity and talent without being physically present in the workplace, which is one of the biggest advantages of working in this space. One person from this field, who has set an example for thousands of people, is Omar Del Villar.

Omar's company- GoGiveaways

Omar Del Villar is one of the world's leading entrepreneurs. Now, he has a company that helps other people through the idea of social growth. GoGiveaways is a company that helps people through social growth. The goal of the company is to help people grow socially by connecting with important celebrities on Instagram. These are all connections that Omar Del Villar made himself. During this time, Omar Del Villar has worked with some major celebrities in the world of entertainment. This includes people such as The Game, Jason Derulo, and Cardi B. Now, Omar Del Villar uses these connections to turn his small business dreams into reality. He can help other people do the same through GoGiveaways.

Omar narrating the past experiences

Omar Del Villar tells that he came from humble backgrounds. He is the child of immigrants and is of Dominican-American descent. He grew up in the Boston, MA area and went on to attend North Shore Community College in Lynn, MA. After he finished his time in college, he went on to work as a nightclub host. While he enjoyed his job, it was also challenging. It required him to work late hours, which limited his free time; however, it also taught him some important skills that he would put to use in the business world. This led him to start his company, GoGiveaways.

Omar's guide for attaining success

Omar states that it's vital that your personal goals drive your professional goals and business goals, not the other way around. Start by writing down your personal goals. This will allow you to own the decisions you make along your journey and ensure that you don't lose track of them along the way. Secondly, surround yourself with people that are strong in their rights. Look for people that can help you build-up the areas of your brand or business that you don't have all the technical know-how for. Thirdly, set yourself realistic goals and milestones along your journey to keep pushing and rewarding yourself for your hard work. Be honest with yourself, and always follow through when you make decisions. And lastly, never be afraid to learn and celebrate your success.

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