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Nalanda Educational Institutions are helping to shape India's future

" Business Mint Awarded Nalanda as one of the Best Emerging Outstanding Schools in the Year 2020 - India "

Published: Sep 21, 2020 11:08:43 AM IST

Nalanda Educational Institutions are helping to shape India's future
We are all aware of the literacy rate in India. With a low literacy rate compared to the other economies, it would be a dark future for the country. Nalanda has come forward to develop passionate and open-minded students who are entirely equipped with skills to learn lifelong. With the training provided, they can also take independent actions so that a sustainable and just world is created. A great environment is provided to the students of this institution so that students excel and grow. 

The institution is completely committed to the students and provides them with an unmatched quality of education. They ensure that with the help of their programs, a powerful sense of cooperation services and leadership. The institution works hard to prepare the graduates to conveniently advance to the higher levels of education at some of the prestigious colleges in India and across the globe. 

Nalanda aims to prepare the youth of our country with outstanding taught processes, and are inspired and challenged to develop their full potential and depart as thoughtful. It develops global and versatile participants in a global society. 

Nalanda Educational Institutions are helping to shape India's future
It effectively works towards developing a genius in every child of the institution in almost every field of work. Discipline and dedication are taught so that a child knows when and how to react to certain situations. 

Surya Manthena did Creative psychology from Harvard University. He is the director of this institute, with a unique approach and has been successfully providing education to a huge number of students each year. Accompanied by the Chairman, Manthena Suryanarayana Raju, and Vice-Chairman, Manthena Srinivasa Raja, they all are doing things incredibly. They help students to find their path and destination from the time they are young. By doing this, it is ensured that they are driven on the path of success efficiently. 

Being the only school in the entire Telangana state that provides certificates for the Logical Mindsets and Creativity of Children irrespective of the students' academic performance. Nalanda aims to make every child educated in their field of interest so that they are not restrained from one of the primary needs. It aims to make every citizen stand with pride and perform so well that the nation is proud of its students. 

Diverse education is provided to the students in several fields, so that integrity, leadership, compassion, curiosity, reflection, and balance are promoted. It has been known as one of Hyderabad's most renowned and the best performing schools for the last 40 years. 

The institute's founders and Chairman have been working hard for years, and the youngest director Manthena Surya has successfully brought in enthusiasm and spark to the school altogether. The school aims at producing high-quality students in both the public and private sectors. They are also taught the disciplines of being one of the best citizens. The faculty of this institution is tremendous and has been guiding the students to perform well in their careers and excel in almost every field. 

Students are taught several traits, including being honest, kind, respectful, and responsible. Unmatched quality in terms of education, promoting a sense of leadership, intellectual foundation, etc. Children of this school are elevated in all means, and it is ensured that they succeed in almost every field. 

The great efforts of the entire team's people are recognized, and there is no denying the fact that they are doing a great job. By teaching and making children achieve success in every field, they have been serving India's future. Youth is the country's future, and Nalanda is working to educate the youth in a real sense.

Recognizing the institution's deeds and efforts, Business Mint nominated Nalanda as one of the Best Emerging Outstanding Schools in the Year 2020 - India. The jury collectively decided the winner of this award, and surprisingly, it was Nalanda itself. Because of their dedication and respectable work, they have been admired so much by so many people. They play a major role in shaping the future of our country. Their hard work and dedication are much appreciated. As a result, they truly deserve to be respected with this honor. 

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