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Narayana Business School reinventing management education in Gujarat

Narayana Business School is redefining how a Business School's MBA & PGDM should be, one student at a time, with the help of Research Driven and Learning by Doing Approach

Published: Jan 22, 2020 10:50:44 AM IST
Updated: Jan 22, 2020 06:43:56 PM IST

Narayana Business School reinventing management education in Gujarat
What makes Management Education so vitally attractive whether during the downturn or upturn of any economy on the planet; is its ability to infuse the necessary skills and tools in the psyche of the student and the future manager or an entrepreneur, to make a business work and prosper - which is exactly what we all collectively as a society, striving for.

Established in the year 2000, the world-class Management Business School is the brainchild of Dr Amit Gupta, who along with Dr Purvi Gupta created with state-of-the-art and technologically advanced Management campus in Gujarat. It was the duo’s vision, hard work and untiring efforts that made Narayana Business School rise up to become one among the top Management institutions in Gujarat.

Dr Amit Gupta worked on transforming the B-School into a brand name in Gujarat after he realised that his goals need to be reinforced by increasing the B School’s  infrastructure and human resource capacity. The major driving factors of the success of Narayana in education were the unique teaching approach and methodology. Over the years, Narayana Business School has won many titles and accolades all this while including the Student's Choice Award, Best MBA College in India, Best MBA college of Ahmedabad and the best MBA college of Gujarat, to name a few.

Dr Gupta firmly believes that the MBA schools must teach the curriculum lessons as well as focus on actually implementing those learnings. On asking, he said, "We have this unique research-driven pedagogy or method to business study and our students learn the intricate management concepts by learning and doing approach, which I think makes our students stand apart from the crowd. We are creating future leaders who can create the right work environment for companies to flourish in. Every time I see my students grasp a business concept, I envision them to be an invaluable asset to their workplace.”

Narayana Business School reinventing management education in Gujarat
Narayana Business School is focused on educating its students about diagnosing business problems, solving complexities, delivering business aspirations to build sustainable companies. It implements Bloom's Taxonomy in teaching and has a mentor-mentee system in place so that every student has always one mentor available for anything related to course, concepts, fundamentals and life in general.

On asking about the alumni network, Dr Gupta says, "In the last two decades NBS has created more than 8500+ corporate careers and has an illustrious alumni base. Most of these students are working with top-notch tier-1 companies of India with fat salary packages and extremely high job satisfaction levels. What differentiates us from others is the approach which we deploy and making sure that every student is industry ready from day one."

Narayana Business School has entered into a strategic alliance with Harvard Business School for premium course offerings of Harvard with its MBA & PGDM program. These courses feature renowned Harvard Business School faculty and are designed to bring the Harvard Business School classroom experience. Striking highlights of the program are the alumni status & lifetime benefits from Harvard Business School.

Dr Gupta has brought the Narayana Business School at par with world-level Business schools. His students are eligible for scholarships from Harvard Business School. He has also added signature global immersion programs for students to experience internship opportunities in top global cities of the world in addition to initiating rural immersion programs from skill training in almost every district of Gujarat.

So what next at Narayana Business School?

“I believe that our motherland has talent worth gold. I want our expertise to reach them, so that they can achieve success and ultimately take our nation forward. So, this is just the beginning...", exclaims Mr Gupta with a warm grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

For admissions and more information, reach out at https://admission.nbs.edu.in/.

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