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Navigating immigration in the 21st century with DM Immigration Consultants

Navigating the immigration process can be a taxing ordeal for many, but with the right agency, it doesn't have to be

Published: Jul 27, 2021 11:52:47 AM IST
Updated: Jul 28, 2021 02:46:21 PM IST

Navigating immigration in the 21st century with DM Immigration Consultants

In a bid to simplify the immigration process and to help immigrants realize their dreams of moving to another country, DM Immigration Consultants are paving the way with their innovative methods, which includes taking their client’s best interest into account instead of falling into the trap of being a money-making machine.

Founding duo Vidisha Kumbhar & Chetan Kumbhar are permanent residents of Canada with a penchant for knowledge and experience in order to make the immigration process less painless and error free for all parties involved. Alongside of two hundred plus immigration professionals in the organization across all locations DM-Consultants striving to become the World’s Largest Immigration firm by 2022.

Around the globe, visa processes and services differ from one another. Aside from being an overwhelming process, there is not nearly enough and persists from companies around the globe on how to be able to assist you in achieving your goals in terms of acquiring a visa and being able to have access to living in a different country. Traveling the world is of course a dream and a goal for many individuals around the globe, however when it comes to obtain a visa to be able to stay in a different countries semi-permanently or even permanently, there are many different leaving pieces that all had their own role to play in being able to assist in individual and achieving that dream and making it come to life.

Companies like DM-Consultant makes a world of difference for its clients. Navigating the immigration process can be a taxing ordeal for many, but with the right agency, it doesn’t have to be. The visa services that are offered through DM-Consultant are the lifeblood of this company.  Working closely with their clients, they are able to increase immigration success by a large margin as they play a substantial hand in ensuring that their clients have the right experience and documentation to ease their transition.

According to Kumbhar, “We built our very foundations and our team by introducing core measures of longevity and success, the likes of which try to go on going to termination to continuously work with innovators that allow us to stay up to date with the latest visa in immigration services and protocols around the globe. From the moment that we first had to build our foundations up, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we are working towards the best possible quality of product and service and that is today our biggest trait and our greatest strength.” He continues to illustrate how experience and the never-ending thirst for updates in the immigration industry means that they have strong foundations on which they are able to maximize their client’s chances of getting their visas approved with minimal errors or delays.

There are plenty of agencies in the world that does what DM-Consultants do, but very few of them can boast such a high success rate or pleasant experience. Some agencies are downright fraudulent and have caused many immigrant-hopefuls emptying their bank accounts and ending up without a visa. What many might not know is that immigration consultants are not able to guarantee a visa and despite the fees that you have paid, there is still the chance of failing. Immigration agencies do not serve as a middleman between immigration-hopefuls and the intended country’s immigration. Furthermore, there are certain considerations that should be taken into account prior to utilizing the services of any one such agency.

There have been many instances of fraudulent immigration consultation firms taking advantage of gullible hopefuls who are led to believe that they will be able to buy their way into a particular country. While it is true that investing can bring about residency in a few select countries around the world, it isn’t a small sum that your average joe would be able to afford. On top of that, illegitimate agencies have also taken every chance to sabotage their legitimate counterparts by posting false reviews and promoting misleading information regarding established agencies in order to boost their own reputation.

The spread of misinformation regarding immigration is something that plagues legitimate immigration service providers. When shopping for an immigration agency, it would be wise to run them through several channels before settling on one. If you’re unable to find any verifiable third party sources vouching for them, it’s best to move on and look to another option. For DM-Consultants, they have the fortune and experience to bypass these shady tactics from being thrown at them as they are listed on Google Maps, with hundreds of verifiable reviews written by real people.

While all companies have their own share of challenges, most in the immigration industry are more focused on generating profit rather than helping their clients realize their dreams, which is what DM-Consultants are all about. Being more client-focused allows DM-Consultants to expand their expertise all over the world, and they currently have branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar, Kuwait, Toronto, Oman, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai. All of which have brought many immigration dreams to fruition.

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