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One piece manga is finally closer to its ending

Published: Aug 4, 2020 05:39:43 PM IST

One piece manga is finally closer to its ending
It has been a while since the One Piece Manga has been going and not long ago it was celebrating its 20th anniversary. And over the past few years. Fans have wondered what the treasure known as One Piece really would be. Hence they have been looking forward to the ending of the series as it is said to have already told over half of its storyline.  Back in 2017 there where several reports that made great news as fans tried to predict when the end of the manga would be. At first, the news caught a lot of attention from fans, and as reported by Otakukart earlier, One Piece is near its end.

Well, that has already caused a lot of controversy amongst One Piece fans. Especially when Oda revealed that the manga will end with a little over 100 volumes. Taking that into account, we can't really be sure where the manga will end provided that currently, the manga is at Volume 9; and if we look at Wano Arc, there is still a lot of stories to tell. And then a lot of other events are yet to happen.

We should also consider that Oda's words are not written on stone. So it is still possible that the manga can still run a little longer than that should it be necessary. But the fact remains that the end is near. The hardcore fans already know how Oda operates and they have also taken it to social media that even though Oda has already given a percentage back in 2016, it wouldn't amount to a calculatable timeline. According to OtakuKart News Oda revealed in 2016 that One Piece manga was around 65% complete.

Most of the fans responded that we shouldn't really equate that to a calculable period of time. So it wouldn't be surprising if the manga runs a little longer than what he has estimated. Looking at how the story is developing right now. A lot of things still have to be told. We still have the stories of Vegapunk and his lineage factor, the mysteries of Im, Shanks, Mariejoise, Revolutionary army, Elabaf, the void century. I mean there is still a lot.

We should also consider that Luffy is still going after all of the Yonko's and he has decided that he will be dealing with shanks last. Now he is facing Big Mom and Kaido all together. Meaning next he is going to Blackbeard. And if we consider how powerful the Black Beard Pirates are. Then that is still going to develop a lot of stories to tell. Consider all of that and we already have a big enough story to cover a lot of manga chapters.

Well, to speak the truth it wouldn't be surprising to see the manga make it to 150 volumes. I mean the longer the story the better. That's how it is for fans. We don't want One Piece to swiftly end and then we will be left with a lot of things to wonder about. The rushed ending will mean that a lot of things are omitted which will only ruin this greatest Manga.

Obviously we would like most of the things mentioned in the story told right? Then the longer the ending takes, the better for us. I think the best thing to do now is to enjoy the manga as it goes. Because we can all tell that only intense battles are left now. Because everyone is now stronger and soon they will only be at their strongest. And that will not only be the determining factor on who wins. Because they will be facing opponents they have no chance of beating at all.

The current manga phase has been touted as the beginning of the end, it has started its promotional phase and it is promoted as being closer to its ending. And keep in mind, just because it is an ending doesn't mean that it will be short. It can still be an ending, but you find that the story to be told takes longer than anyone has predicted.

We mean that even Oda might come across something interesting and decided to extend a storyline a little bit. One Piece is one amazing story and we are yet to see a lot of intense storylines in the coming chapters. Because now the manga is still in the Yonko Saga. Which still has to tell the story of Wano, Black Beard, and then Shanks. All of these arcs will be coming with their own stories which, of course, will take some time to tell.

With all that being said, Even if Oda made his statement. and V Jump columnist, Greg Werner commented on this and announced that fans should put less stake in his claims. So like I was saying, the manga can surprise us and still go over 150 volumes as there is still a lot of stories to be told. He also highlighted that Oda himself could tell stories "tongue-in-cheek" and for the shock value. This means that even Oda isn't exactly sure when the manga will end.

Well if you want to stay safe from all the fan's speculations. It's best to assume that One Piece manga will still be running for some time. It is best to enjoy the story than to wonder when it will be ending. For One Piece manga at this current moment. Should it end quickly, it will be misery and a disappointment to the fans because that would mean a lot of cliff hangers. Hence I'm glad to see that there is still a lot to tell.

Let us all not rush to know what the One Piece is but enjoy seeing the straw hat's voyage itself. And for those who might have been wondering. Oda also revealed that One Piece is a physical reward in itself. He also said that he hates the kind of stories where One Piece would be something like family bonds because it will be similar to The Wizard of Oz.

This takes care of all of the updates we have so far. The bottom line is. Just because the manga has reached its ending doesn't mean it will end soon. The ending can still take a lot of manga chapters than even its creator anticipated. So let us stop worrying about the end and focus on the fact that all storylines should be told as no one would want a cliff hanger.

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