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OPPO takes its India success legacy forward with the new OPPO K Series

OPPO reinforces its leadership position with the launch of OPPO K Series-K10. With a host of power-packed features, the device will be the most technologically advanced value for money proposition

Published: Mar 25, 2022 01:19:26 PM IST
Updated: Mar 25, 2022 07:51:33 PM IST

OPPO takes its India success legacy forward with the new OPPO K SeriesOPPO’s India growth story has been phenomenal and the brand has established itself as one of the most successful smartphone brands. Not many brands have stamped omnipresence and excellence in less than a decade of their existence in a competitive and dynamic market like India. The company is led by its global strategy of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World” where every new innovation is seen as a way of bringing meaningful experiences to users. Taking this legacy, a step further OPPO has launched its latest e-comm focused OPPO K Series in India.

The OPPO K Series spearheaded by the marvelous OPPO K10 is placed to meet the needs of young and savvy online consumers as it brings high-end features at a remarkable price point. The K Series is positioned to strengthen the Brand’s direct relationship with the online users thereby further consolidating OPPO’s position in the online space.

Leading up to the launch of the OPPO K series, the brand has taken several successful steps to bolster its position in the Indian Market. Through this article, we will delve into the various facets of OPPO’s India journey and discover the brand’s success mantra.

Strengthening its Manufacturing Footprint

The company showed its commitment to the Indian business ecosystem and the “Make in India” initiative by establishing a sprawling 110-acre manufacturing facility at Greater Noida. With a strong workforce of over 10000 people, the OPPO manufacturing factory produces more than 6 million smartphones a month during peak season. The sprawling Greater Noida Superfactory manufactures a phone every 3 seconds and is a true testimony to the company’s success in India.OPPO takes its India success legacy forward with the new OPPO K Series
 OPPO’s commitment to strengthen its manufacturing base in India is not just governed by numbers but also driven by quality. Each smartphone produced at the Great Noida facility undergoes several strict quality checks including drop tests where smartphones are dropped at an astounding 28000 times to check their durability and hard pressure tested where smartphone performance is measured after 35kg push is applied 100 times on it.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class equipment, strict quality checks, and an efficient workforce OPPO’s manufacturing facility has been a strong pillar of OPPO’s remarkable growth.

Leading Innovation with R&D Expertise

OPPO India’s R&D center based out of Hyderabad has been at the heart of the brand’s commitment to technological innovations. It has developed technologies that cater to the specific needs of Indian consumers.

By enabling technological advancements across a wide array of functions like Cameras, and batteries, OPPO India R&D has helped put together products that are tailor-made to deliver on consumer expectations. A very good example of OPPO’s R&D expertise is the K series which brings a plethora of advanced features together to provide an all-around smartphone experience.

OPPO R&D showcases the brand’s persistent drive to build a strong R&D strategy that not only brings innovations to the Indian audiences but also caters to creating a technologically advanced experience for the entire world.

Driving Consumer Centricity

The other significant pillar of the company’s success has been its customer-centricity. OPPO has taken several measures to improve and drive fruitful consumer experiences covering various touchpoints.

For e.g., with the MyOPPOApp the brand has created a relevant app-based platform to engage with the OPPO community. This initiative led the brand to connect meaningfully with its actual users and forge long-term relationships.

Another key area of OPPO’s consumer-centric strategy has been its spectacular after-sales service. The brand’s strong offline after-sales service experience has been replicated into an online model as well. With the dedicated AI-powered Chatbot called ‘Ollie’ that is available 24X7, consumers can resolve 94.5% of their queries on their smartphones themselves. OPPO Care Customer Service has also delivered an unparalleled consumer experience by providing customer support in 9 different languages so that consumers anywhere and everywhere get to experience the best of OPPO’s after-sales service.OPPO takes its India success legacy forward with the new OPPO K Series By taking several of the above-mentioned measures to provide consumers a well-rounded experience, OPPO has been able to retain its leadership position. OPPO’s consumer-centric approach has only added to the brand’s accelerated growth in the Indian market.

Online Focus

With the increased penetration of the internet, OPPO has also been mindful of increasing its digital footprint, thereby giving convenience and a plethora of options to its customers. It has been active on E-commerce platforms for many years and is now focusing on further expanding its online presence and market share. This is one of the key reasons why OPPO has launched the K Series in India.

OPPO takes its India success legacy forward with the new OPPO K Series
The OPPO K Series sales strategy has been ingeniously crafted as online led with a presence on Flipkart and OPPO online store while making the device available on select offline stores starting March 29th,2022. By partnering with Flipkart which offers the largest consumer base and the widest delivery network in the country, the brand has ensured that users from all around the country can get their hands on the OPPO K10 in the shortest amount of time. This will also allow the company to leverage a large chunk of over 40% of overall consumers who are buying phones online. The strategy will also allow access to traditional stores which are still a strong pull for the customers.    

Another ground-breaking initiative that has led OPPO’s products to be more accessible to consumers is the OPPO Online Store. It gives consumers access to over 80 different OPPO products from the comfort of their homes where they can get a safe and premium online shopping experience.

The company has also been instrumental in empowering its retailers by consistently increasing brick and mortar retail stores across India. They have supplemented this expansion with an increased product portfolio that makes the brand more accessible to wider audiences.

OPPO K Series: A New Vision

OPPO’s dynamic and enviable initiatives now find resonance in the latest K Series launched a few days ago. The series comes with strong fundamentals that allow users to focus on their everyday needs through worry-free, creative, and value-for-money technology solutions. The latest offering in this series - OPPO K10 is a feature-packed device with 50MP AI Triple Camera plus AI Enhanced camera features inherited from OPPO flagship phones. With dynamic RAM expansion technology, a 33W SUPERVOOCTM lightning-fast charging experience, and a 16.73cm (6.59”) 90Hz Color-Rich Punch-Hole display and OPPO Glow Design the company offers a power-packed performer at a competitive starting price of INR 14990. The device is targeted at young, lively, and enthusiastic consumers who understand the technology and love shopping online.

With this holistic and inspired approach to all facets of a smartphone device, K Series is set to redefine industry benchmarks and secure OPPO’s leadership position in the Indian smartphone market.

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