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Paul Vigario and SurfCT find the perfect balance between IT, Technology, Design and Dentistry

Paul Vigario has helped well-known dental companies from all over the world elevate to global success

Published: Jun 19, 2020 01:15:19 PM IST
Updated: Jun 19, 2020 02:58:20 PM IST

Paul Vigario and SurfCT find the perfect balance between IT, Technology, Design and Dentistry

The advent of technology has seen a massive boom in the way we operate and automate our lives. It has definitely affected business sectors that people wouldn’t have believed to be affected. There is much to be thankful for in the rapid progress and development of technological advancements in the era we are living in. A fascinating thing to note that a majority of doctors and dentists seem to gloss over is the reliance of the dental and healthcare industry when it comes to understanding how IT, technology and design work together to create success in private practice and better overall outcomes and experiences for patients. As Mr. Paul Vigario said, “SurfCT creates success for doctors and dentists through practice automation. To automate a practice you have to understand design, IT, workflow and technology and how they all come together in a complete system” Vigario said. 

The dental industry makes use of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, but most people pay no mind to how these technologies should be working with the design of the office to create an automated business for doctors.  But not a cookie cutter one, a business that merges design and IT and creates a special experience for patients that helps grow dental practices, this is where Paul Vigario and his team of healthcare and dental IT professionals come in. A pioneer and trailblazer of the ever-evolving technology, and design within the dental and healthcare industry, he established his company called SurfCT.com from the ground up in 2003 after graduating from the University of Connecticut, earning a bachelor’s degree in Management/Computer Information Systems with a focus on healthcare technology.

It might be hard to associate dentistry with the IT field and further difficulty for most to understand how design comes into play with different technologies but when we talk about Information Technology (IT), and dental office design, one must consider that dentistry  revolves around the tools that are being used as well as how to properly automate these tools (make the tools work for you), track information, and store data in a way that helps the dentist grow the practice. Since the technology that is being used by the dental industry is rapidly progressing day-by-day, proper knowledge and understanding of how to bring everything together for complete systems integration and automation are of utmost importance. Thus, SurfCT provides these dental technology and IT services in spades and has gained a reputation for creating dental practice success.

Paul Vigario and his team over at SurfCT consistently offer innovative means of providing, reliable, informative, modern fully connected technologies  and custom new practice dental design solutions for dentists and patients alike. Drawing from his intensive studies and over two decades of on-the-job experience with having worked with more than 12,000 practices worldwide, Mr. Paul Vigario has transformed himself into an expert that wields complete knowledge on how a dental practice should look, function and operate in the new decade of 2020. With design and technology being merged by SurfCT in dental practices the levels of automation and thus doctor success are limitless, including but not limited to custom digital workflow systems, patient experience systems, dental practice branding, growth management technology and IT support technologies for dentists that are drama free, fully connected, and easy to maintain. 

Paul Vigario has helped well-known dental companies from all over the world elevate to global success. One big factor in the success of Paul and his team is that SurfCT takes a holistic approach when partnering with their clients; they seek to create a complete technology office design where Everything is Connected™. Through this comprehensive approach to dental technology, design, and systems they have created worldwide demand and bolstered their own brand along with it.

No one understands dental technology the way Surf CT does. Boasting numbers that most companies couldn’t even compare with, they have built ground up technology for over 12,000 dental practices worldwide. Others are more like vendors where they try to sell doctors more and more “stuff”/  pieces of technology without understanding the systems needed or the overall purpose, but SurfCT offers integration and systems designed with purpose, your purpose as a dentist or doctor specialist. SurfCT takes a complete look at what their clients have at their disposal already and understands where they are currently and where they want to take their vision for their practice. Paul and his team then build the technology his clients already have and just add all the missing pieces to create a complete system that serves the practice, dentists, patients and team. It’s not just about adding more technology, but it’s about purpose and understanding that purpose- good design and technology is meant to carry out that purpose in an automated way not to be overlooked or not understood in order to sell yet another gadget. SurfCT designs and provides dentists and doctors with life changing systems that elevate everything.

Paul Vigario and his team over at SurfCT, constantly outdo themselves by providing the correct knowledge, experience and education that supports the dental community as well as bolsters the capabilities of experts in the new office design, dental technology and IT industry. It’s the best of all worlds, where technology and design meets modern design and technology systems, creating a harmonious balance that puts smiles on everybody’s faces.  With SurfCT.com, Everything Is Connected™





Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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