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Pooja Jain and Pranjal Jain have revolutionised management sector by introducing HR Quantification

They aim to transform the way how modern HR Management contributes to the growth of an organisation

Published: Apr 21, 2020 11:33:08 AM IST
Updated: Apr 23, 2020 12:37:23 PM IST

Pooja Jain and Pranjal Jain have revolutionised management sector by introducing HR Quantification
Defying the pre-existing notions and disproving what was previously assumed to be true, Indian siblings Pooja and Pranjal have successfully established that Human Resource Management (HRM) can be approached from a scientific and strategic perspective with a quantitative aspect to it, rather than just looking at it from a qualitative perspective.

“Contrary to the popular perception where most HR professionals cling on to the outdated notion that the HR function is only about recruitment and retention of employees, we are of the strong opinion that strategic HR is more about insights and interventions that focus on harnessing human potential and channelling it towards growth of the organisation,” says Pooja Jain, a graduate from University of California, Berkeley. She works as a Solution Engineer at Salesforce.com, Inc. in San Francisco, USA. Being an awardee of numerous prestigious awards such as Right Choice Award, Pride of Indian Education Award, International Quality Award, Golden Glory Award amongst others, she has achieved a remarkable feat in establishing principles of HR led strategic growth for an organization. She has been extremely successful in conceptualising how modern technology can be diffused with existing management practices to produce astonishing results.

Having authored numerous research papers, articles and books, Pooja is often invited to prestigious national and international forums to share her views on how technology is impacting business processes and how HR can be the value adding component driving the growth of an organization. Considering her extraordinary excellence, she has been invited as a panelist for the upcoming Education Excellence Awards, 2020. 

Pooja Jain and Pranjal Jain have revolutionised management sector by introducing HR Quantification
“Our approach is viewed as the antithesis of the traditional approach to HRM which used to involve advocacy for people and things, designing and implementing programs, and making decisions that literally had no ROI. These initiatives just added a feel good factor for employees and achieved virtually nothing for the organisation. We wished to change this and make the organisation a beneficiary as well. We believe that HR can be an extremely value adding business unit for the organisation just as sales, technology, marketing and now, we’re out to prove it in the real world,” says Pranjal Jain, who specializes in Organizational Analysis from Stanford University and is a prominent Chartered Accountant based in New Delhi. He is a prolific speaker and has a knack of identifying and solving organizational challenges. 

When asked what attracted him to the field of strategic analysis, Pranjal replied “Accepting a job offer and working as an employee is the easiest career alternative, a person can choose. From the very beginning of my journey, I knew that I was just not made for working within the four walls for a full day. I had a strong passion for building something that can drive value and has global application. It was extremely challenging to travel the road less travelled, but I like doing things differently than others. I found that strategic HRM had immense potential to contribute towards organizational growth while at the same time it was one of the least experimented domain”. Pranjal strongly believes in helping small and medium businesses grow and extends his expertise to his clients in niche matters. He has also established expertise in Organization Governance and Management.

Through their path breaking approach and real life case studies, this sibling duo has proved that if you are truly passionate and care about something, you have the potential to bring forth change and innovation to the world. In Pooja’s words “With strong dedication and robust commitment, you can achieve the unachievable”. 

Taking their passion for helping SMEs and large enterprises grow, the siblings run and manage an online Educational and Professional development Start Up called Knowledge Media (www.knowledgemedia.net). Their other venture 'PJCreations' is already making a bold mark in promoting Indian art and craft. The duo has also experimented in converting blockchain technology as a strategic resource which can drive value for the organization.

“It has been a time tested fact that HR has the potential of fairing the business even through the toughest times. As we have explained in one of our research papers way back in 2016, that in any case of economic pandemic, organizations not focusing on HR strategically are doomed to fail. We had further provided what innovative steps an organization should start taking to combat a future collapse. That prediction is operating in an exact manner today. When the entire global economy is undergoing a severe recessionary phase due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, some of the businesses and organizations are standing tough and resilient because of a robust HR base,” elaborates Pooja. 

“It is commonly understood that the inherent aspect of HRM is purely qualitative, that a numerical value cannot be allotted to it. As such, in business management, a concept that cannot be tied to a numeric value and relies solely on the explanations and understanding of the user becomes vague in the long term and loses its importance. Disproving the entire notion, we have successfully devised a methodology of quantifying HR which we have termed as the Theory of HR Quantification,” adds Pranjal.

This is where the ambitious sibling duo has introduced the globe to certain thought provoking concepts. Their theory covers multiple aspects such as the Feedback Index (a numerical way of recording how much value an organization accords to the concept of feedback), Organisation Feedback Index,  Employee Feedback Index etc.

Pranjal explained “our theory has propounded innovative concepts that have been acclaimed and cited as commendable by business leaders, professionals and academicians. We have been receiving testimonials in this regard as well. For instance, we recently received an appreciation letter from the Managing Director of one of the biggest construction companies in India stating that his company recorded a growth of 18% in overall productivity in just 1 year by applying our innovative approach.”

Such insightful research in HRM from Indian professionals that can benefit global organizations is what drives this young sibling duo. They are confident that their path breaking work in the domain of HR infused strategic growth can revolutionize the business world and help accord the respect that the HR function deserves in any organisational setup.

“It will be our true achievement when HR evolves into as important an element as sales in every organisation”, concludes Pooja.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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