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Preparing India for a sustainable indigenous future

Sahyadri Industries offer innovative, specialised, futuristic products that are adept enough to meet all the contemporary challenges

Published: Jan 29, 2021 04:20:57 PM IST
Updated: Jan 30, 2021 11:49:43 AM IST

Preparing India for a sustainable indigenous future
Sahyadri Industries Ltd (SIL) a listed company on the BSE with manufacturing units in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamilnadu, is a known name in India and slowly making its impact felt on the global markets in different regions of Africa, UK and GCC. Significant transformations in the company starting by pioneering roofing solutions under brand SWASTIK, SIL has grown exponentially. Currently, the company’s product offerings include innovative, specialized, futuristic products that are adept enough to meet all the contemporary challenges.

At SIL, we are always abreast with the latest technological innovations and it is reflected in our product range. It encompasses not only interior and exterior building systems and roofing solutions, but also power generation and sustainable material. Sahyadri solution and innovation lab creates a real-time solution for problems that affect the construction industry. Pumping in years of R&D and investments to create world-class solutions, right here in India. Keeping in sync with changing times to cater to the growing demand of green building products, the building systems from Sahyadri eliminate the use of bricks completely, helping in the conservation of cultivable topsoil. Our products are made up using fly ash which is the waste of thermal power stations, they are environment friendly & do not create heat island effects caused due to concrete slab. These contribute towards achieving UNFCC guidelines on global warming.

Our revolutionary product is ECOPRO which is a highly durable and sustainable product that is wood-free, light-weight, and asbestos-free. ECOPRO board comes with priceless features like quick plus easy installation & removal, unmatched style quotient, reduce labour & subsequent costs, good load-bearing capacity, virtually maintenance-free, durable in all weather, offers infinite design solutions. ECOPRO board can be used for many applications like false ceilings, wall partitions, facade, fins, frames, wood design planks, mezzanine flooring, pre-fab structures and many more. ECOPRO board is CE certified and GreenPro certified.

Preparing India for a sustainable indigenous future
Our novel initiative product, S3 housing systems (patent applied) is a build-on-site, pre-engineered building technology which is grabbing the attention of industrial experts. The advanced features of the dry and fast-track construction system make it sturdy, reliable and easy-to-move. Being a dry construction, no plastering or curing is required, hence amounting to huge water and sand savings. This 3-layered hybrid wall offers perfect thermal insulation with leak proof walls. Complying with the international standards, S3 is earthquake resistant, robust yet lightweight and moisture-proof.

Our other products like Swachalay and Swastik Kukdookoo are at the forefront in joining the national mission of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and empowerment of women and other economically weaker sections of the society, by providing them with an alternate source of income through backyard poultry solutions – thus touching million more lives across India.

SIL believes that it is possible to be profitable while being socially and environmentally responsible. A technology-driven firm that believes that innovation is the key to all emerging challenges. Its core CSR activity aptly named SWASTIK DISHA is focused on providing skills that enable employability of youth or inspires them to become entrepreneurs. Sahyadri has joined hands with Padmashree Smt. Sindhu Tai Sapkal in Pune, for providing soft skill training to homeless children. Training includes technical & communication skill development, personality development.

Sahyadri has also taken a bold step in their ongoing CSR activities where often corporates are shy to come on board - to support sports talent in India. It is one of the few companies to invest in promoting rural sports and training of sporting talent. Sahyadri is proudly associated with Lakshya - a sports talent management NGO that has credibly helped identify some of India's new age, winning sportspersons. Join our consortium of social innovators and change-makers to make sanitation, empowerment and affordable housing for all, a reality. We can be reached on Email:  or come visit us on

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