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"A word from the wise" Jimmy Boss and his powerful music mantras

Online marketing is the future of the entertainment sector

Published: Jul 27, 2020 01:52:14 PM IST
Updated: Jul 27, 2020 03:57:26 PM IST

"A word from the wise" Jimmy Boss and his powerful music mantras
Music is a religion that everyone follows. A person passionate for music leaving everything behind and putting his heart and soul to it. Jimmy Boss   a person so admired by music, literally made it his religion. Also wanting to be a part of the music industry Jimmy created his own agency SDW Records and management. An agency that supports artists, labels, tourers, or brands in digital. Offering e-RP, community management, digital marketing strategy, creation of media dedicated to online communication, etc.

Expectations from the artist and what type of artists can be a part of the agency? 

Having tremendous competition in the market hiring all the artists is not possible. So usually which artists will be a part of the agency is decided by his/her project. If the project is fascinating and creative enough to will all hearts, the artists by all means are welcomed carrying their PR in full flow.  The better the material the faster it'll sell and higher will be it's PR strategy.

When does a PR agency play it's part in an artists life?

A PR agency plays it's part only after the artist gathers professionalism from the work. Freshly hiring a PR agency will not workout unless one does not have enough content to present. An artist should always have models for future albums and promotional content to offer for his future projects. Thus a PR agency can play it's part to push the project of a particular artist ahead, getting the artists in a limelight.

Online marketing strategy an artist should focus on?

Online marketing is the future of the entertainment sector. One of the most crucial medium of promotions and execution. Social media in today's era has taken over the world. One of the most effective way of promotion, if proper content offered will never disappoint the client. An artist spending on online marketing will surely get better results as online marketing is one of the best medium of promotion and directly reaching the targeted audience. So  I believe that an artist infact should invest more in online marketing than any other platform of promotions.

Any advice for an independent artist?

A well groomed story telling. A well crafted content. Content created for online marketing and social media. Taking up online promotions seriously and regularly paying attention and providing content to the users for maximum social engagement. An artist has to be versatile and should take all factors into consideration when it comes to music promotions.

A word to conclude with?

I am thankful to get such love and support from everyone and will continue to follow my passion and deliver the best of the best.

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