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"Geography is History" with Citroen's Buy Online campaign

Citroën's Buy Online challenges status quo

Published: Aug 11, 2021 02:59:23 PM IST
Updated: Aug 11, 2021 04:37:59 PM IST

"Geography is History" with Citroen's Buy Online campaign

What was once considered merely a convenient way to shop has now become a necessity. The Covid-19 pandemic forced hundreds of millions of Indians to go online and buy everything from groceries to vegetables over a few taps of a mobile phone. People embraced digital technology in record time and buying online on smartphones or websites has now become a norm. But what about high-ticket items? Could you, for instance, think of buying a car online?

Citroën certainly thinks so. The French automaker, earlier this year, launched its Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), C5 Aircross in India. Now, it has gone a step ahead and introduced “Citroën Buy Online”. The innovative solution allows car aficionados to experience and order their dream car online, thereby becoming India’s first carmaker to offer such a service.

So, how does it work? With a dedicated e-commerce website that enables a seamless journey in terms of selection of car through the High-Definition 3D configurator, dedicated e-sales advisor, finance, insurance, annual maintenance packages, extended warranty as well as trade-in of the existing car, buying online aims to make the prospective customers purchase journey comfortable and accessible anytime, anywhere. Consumers can log into the Citroën India website to get a first-hand experience of the Buy Online feature. Now, sitting at home, consumers can get an inside-out view of the car with the HD 3D Configurator while overlaying accessories, including colour options, to make an informed decision.

Geography is history
In addition to the seamless experience of configuring and personalizing the car as per the customer’s tastes, Citroen’s fully-functional e-commerce website also has a dedicated e-sales advisor, finance options, various annual maintenance packages, extended warranty and exchange schemes for those who would like to trade in their existing cars.

The experience, which starts on the smartphones or laptops, is extended right to the customers’ doorstep. In over 50 cities across the country, customers can place an order online and get the car home-delivered. To quote an old saying, “Geography is history”. It doesn’t matter where the customer or nearest dealer is physically located. The Citroen Buy Online experience, the first of its kind in India, will deliver the snazzy C5 Aircross from its factory in Tamil Nadu to the customers’ homes.

The seamless experience does not halt after the car is delivered. In fact, it is just the beginning. Customers can avail after-sales service at their preferred location. On offer is also a mobile workshop called “Service on Wheels” that involves highly-skilled technicians who know their trade like the back of their hands and fulfil the customer’s service requirements. Under Citroën Buy Online, the option to avail aftersales services through the network of dealer service centers is also available throughout the L’Atelier aftersales workshop network.

The convenience of remote access could not have come at a better time. The SUV segment is the fastest growing one in the country in the last five years. According to one estimate the SUV category command a whopping 48.5% market share among cars this year. Nearly half a million SUVs have been sold in the first five months of this year compared to over 700,000 in 2020. Consumers now prefer multipurpose vehicles that can not only be driven to office but also on road trips with families.

The French carmaker goes a step ahead with its Citroen Buy Online program. With “automotive comfort” at its heart since 1919, Citroen now extends this mantra to the entire buying experience in its pursuit for excellence throughout the customer journey.

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