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R.evolution launches EYWA: Defining the next generation of 21st century buildings in Dubai

R.evolution, a European boutique real estate developer, embarks on a groundbreaking journey with the launch of EYWA - a boutique building with 48 exclusive residences, designed to focus on the well-being of our community through environments that are close to nature and promote positive energy

Published: Nov 30, 2023 09:37:23 PM IST
Updated: Nov 30, 2023 09:38:37 PM IST

R.evolution launches EYWA: Defining the next generation of 21st century buildings in Dubai

The acclaimed luxury real estate developer, R.Evolution, has again proved its world-renowned mark of excellence by winning three prestigious awards at the Arabian Property Awards 2023/2024. The developer's latest project, EYWA, has won in multiple categories, cementing its status as a game-changing development in Dubai.

A truly boutique residential development that is LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum certified, Eywa features a selection of 48 exclusive 2 to 5-bedroom waterfront residences with sizes ranging from 3,064 to 16,256 square feet. Nestled on the banks of the Dubai Water Canal in Business Bay, Eywa enjoys a prime location in close proximity to the city's finest restaurants, shopping centres and attractions and offers a combination of magnificent views of the water and Downtown Dubai with the Burj Khalifa.

Eywa’s fantastic architecture is a symbiosis of the tree of life - the Banyan tree, and an inspiration of one of the natural wonders of the world: the Southern Pillar of Heaven, China’s famous quartz sandstone mountain. A striking aspect of the chosen design concept is the visual Banyan tree façade with roots that are visible from the outside, symbolising the building's deep connection to nature. From every angle the building’s façade appears to be alive with greenery.

R.evolution launches EYWA: Defining the next generation of 21st century buildings in Dubai

Using the principles of Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian “science of architecture”, along with the knowledge of the human energy structure, a pyramid of over 1,450 specific crystals and gemstones will be hidden within the building. This first-of-its-kind energy system brings positive energy to each floor while purifying and eliminating any negative energy. Residents will benefit from well-being effects, which include reducing conflict, increasing concentration and promoting the development of mental and physical good health.

Designated areas devoted to shared spaces and amenities, all intended to spark connections, inspire moments and build memories, and some designed to provide privacy, a host of modern, bespoke amenities including a chef's table, 3 pools and a library, crystal gardens and state-of-the-art gym, spa, indoor and outdoor cinemas, private waterfalls and pools surrounded by greenery and flowering shrubs and trees on spacious terraces, this new address will be filled with completely different features and amenities intentionally designed to enhance the life experience of its residents.

Eywa design encapsulates the essence of wild-luxury living, redefining urban life with a connection to nature and natural materials. The integration of the Banyan tree-inspired façade, the rotated envelope design to maximise views, the spacious and nature-filled amenities, and the commitment to sustainability all contribute to making Eywa an extraordinary and harmonious oasis in the heart of Dubai, scheduled to be completed by 2026.

Alex Zagrebelny, Chairman & CEO, R.evolution, said: "By focusing on a unique, truly luxurious experience, we don't just build square footage; we create highly competitive, one-of-a-kind properties and Eywa is a prime example of our philosophy. It almost goes without saying why healthy and sustainable housing is so important. We take an active approach to reducing carbon footprint, minimise waste and use sustainable practices. Using ancient knowledge about human nature and the latest achievements of the modern world, our priorities are well-being, health, energy efficiency, sustainability, and unity with nature as well as community. We are absolutely certain that Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place, and we believe that our vision of real estate development will contribute to its long-term ambition to transform into the smartest and most productive city in the world.”

About R.evolution

R.evolution has been creating architectural masterpieces for over 24 years in countries such as Latvia, Germany, and Spain, across residential, hotel, office, and infrastructure projects. Renowned for bringing a unique approach and DNA to real estate development, every one of its projects possesses a revolutionary vision, one that is designed to be integral to evolving real estate in its host city, and various world awards are real testament to the company’s commitment to excellence. 

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