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Sevenstarwebsolutions - The trusted Mobile App Development Company

Published: Oct 30, 2018 05:26:29 AM IST
Updated: Oct 30, 2018 07:22:52 PM IST

Sevenstarwebsolutions - The trusted Mobile App Development Company

Mobile Apps are inevitable in today’s world and innumerable companies are coming up with innovative ideas and functionalities. Trust Seven Star Web Solutions to rein in the latest technology for enhancing connectivity and saving time without compromising on the services. The best tech-savvy team here led by the cognoscenti couple Mrs. Neha Bisht and Rohit Bisht and their dedicated team ensure exceptional standards of excellence in every aspect.

Internet provides the path to futuristic technology and Apps offer the guideline to reach there.

One is quite aware of the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern world. Seven Star Web Solutions  is in sync with the latest technology and updated in every aspect; Artificial Intelligence ensures the leap to futuristic technology easier, true?

Seven Star Web Solutions   has understood that being updated in AI has helped us serve our clients, ensuring total satisfaction. Indian or international clients, we proffer our services after analyzing and understanding their needs and requirements. One should be well-aware of the power of language processing, image recognition as well as the combination of neural-network drive decision making. The Internet of Things or IoT minimizes the gap between our consumers and the tools. Smartphones, Smartwatches and Tablets are handled by one and all and with innovative apps integrated in it, saving time, energy and money are its outcome.

High level programming replete with sensors and devices are but the need of the hour and Seven Star Web Solutions  ensures absolute connectivity from manufacturers to the consumers through technology. With the massive growth of IoT, we develop custom IoT applications. Our clients need the best in technology for Apps and we proffer them high-level programming for sensors and devices as well as for Web Apps, Business to Business and Business to consumer Mobile Apps. Ever on the forefront in delivering exceptional standards, we are in sync with Cloud Computing technology. We rely on it to drive digital transformation without compromising on safety and convenience aspects. With massive computer power associated with it, our responsibility in delivering the right solutions remain topnotch.

Mobile Apps are part and parcel of the modern world and innumerable positives as well as negatives are linked with it.

Mobile Payments are relied on by millions nowadays, and innumerable safety as well as convenience factors are associated with it. Seven Star Web Solutions  ensures that payments through Apps including Android Pay and Google Wallet will help our clients not just to save time and energy but is highly recommended and is totally safe too. Fast and user-friendly, Apps are quick to replace the practice of using liquid cash and rendering exact change. People of all age-groups find Apps highly efficient and reliable making it an inexorable aspect for every company.

Ever on the forefront in delivering state-of-the-art features and facilities for optimum connectivity, Artificial Intelligence amalgamated with business factors proves that heightened prospects remain the #1 concern of Seven Star Web Solutions  team.

Seven Star Web Solutions  experts design exemplary Apps initiated with AI which can effortlessly handle routine transactions. From developing virtual assistants or chatbots, mobile banking apps are more secure. Presently, verbal instructions too are followed perfectly which means, the amount required to be transferred or denied can be done without using a screen or keyboard. Our highly-talented, intelligent mobile Apps development team understands the power of wearable apps which not only tracks one’s physical fitness levels but also offers Apps for optimum convenience on the go, making it immensely appealing to everyone. Our developers analyse the components of software to be loaded for every program. The minimized application start-up time and enhanced features with minimal memory consumption ensure retaining of battery efficiency.
The employee oriented company targets to augment Seven Star’s team size to 300+ by 2020. “When the employees grow, the company grows as well. We have made our own CRMs which we are using to see the KPIs of each employee, in-house only. Employees have faith in us & in return we provide them ample opportunities to grow and carry a healthy employee-employer relationship,” signs off Rohit Co-Founder Sevenstarwebsolutions .

The company is also providing various services to clients of all types and sizes, optimizing the aptitude to create uppermost revenues for clients through various type of flexible and robust, SEO, online reputation, SMO and app services.

To broaden the horizon of the work company is also providing Android and iOS , Windows, Blackberry app services. As of October 2018, the company had more than 50 employees. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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