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Shankar Kularia has revolutionized workplace interior fit-out industry over decades

Shankar Kularia- The Founder of Padam Group of Companies

Published: Dec 15, 2023 06:18:49 PM IST
Updated: Dec 21, 2023 06:15:42 PM IST

Shankar Kularia (Managing Director of Padam Group of Companies)

Mr. Shankar Kularia, the managing director of Padam Group, has been in the Workplace interior fit-out industry for three decades. The man with the most creative and innovative vision, he started his journey from where settling a business doesn't seem possible for many! Mr. Kularia founded the Padam Group of Companies in 1992 under his father's vision, Shri Padamaramji Kularia.

His vision was born in a remote village where transportation was equivalent to camel carts and foot journeys! But as popularly quoted by Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, "If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun." Mr. Kularia aimed to be the shining name of the interior industry. The determination gave birth to the company's foundation by Shri Padamaram Ji in 1970 in the nearest town, Nokha Bikaner, Rajasthan. 

Mr. Shankar Kularia was supported unwaveringly by his brothers, Mr. Kanaram Kularia and Mr. Dharam Kularia. The trio was determined to make it big in the workplace interior fit-out industry. Soon, the Kularia brothers were the talk of the workplace interior industry with their exceptional work, setting high standards for their quality of work. It was the turning point of the company's success, which made them keep adding feathers to their cap. 

Mr. Shankar Kularia soon became the face people looked for in the workplace interior industry. The quality of work he provided was unbeatable, which he still holds. Each project raised the expectations of their clients with his excellence and the salt of perfection in his work. He has set the benchmark for paying attention to meticulous details and providing his clients with results that are hard to believe! 

Mr. Shankar Kularia is also famous for delivering exceptional results and is known to complete projects before the deadlines. It makes his company stand out from the crowd. He always ensured he kept his clients satisfied and at bay from complaints. 

Shankar Kularia (Managing Director of Padam Group of Companies)

This behavior has helped Padam Group of Companies gain its client's trust and strengthen the pool of potential clients. Padam Group’s hard work and dedication have helped the company to work with companies ranked as one of the ‘top 500 Fortune companies. It speaks the goal and vision of the company in the workplace interior industry with bold letters. The company has set an example of excellence, quality, and space with passion-driven people to achieve its goal correctly.

Mr. Shankar Kularia and his younger brother, Mr. Dharam Ji Kularia, have faced the ups and downs and made the Padam Group what it is today. The relationship between the siblings is not just a professional relationship but a bond strengthened with tradition, family values, and love akin to Prabhu Shri Ramchandra Ji and Laxman Ji. The glue sets an inspirational example for startups and people aspiring to shine in the industry. 

The company abides by some of the rules that help it stay consistent in the top tiers of the interior workflow and general contracting industry. The company can retain its pool of potential clients due to its qualities such as prompt response, perfection in the latest technology, perfect delivery, punctual HSE, and process-driven theory. 

The company contributes to society by donating a huge chunk of its earnings to societal initiatives such as service, education, and medical treatment of cows and plantations. Indian Government and various other high-position people have also rewarded the noble work of the company. 

Mr. Shankar Kularia's contribution to the workplace interior industry has been clearly defined with the help of multiple accolades and rewards given to the company. The well-deserving company has been respected with various tips for delivering jaw-dropping results to their clients, respecting timelines, and being the face of the industry with its contribution to society. Mr. Kanaram Kularia, along with his brothers Mr. Shankar Kularia and Mr. Dharam Kularia, has made the company achieve the best and gained the trust of their clients. 

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