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Stayfit to boost government's Fit India Movement through 'Fitness First' programme

Fitness icon Dr GK Ganapathi Reddy's brainchild, Stayfit is set to create a mass health movement through cutting edge technology in the fitness industry

Published: Sep 16, 2019 02:34:07 PM IST
Updated: Sep 16, 2019 04:11:12 PM IST

Stayfit to boost government's Fit India Movement through 'Fitness First' programme
L to R: Dr Amarpal Singh Suri, H.E. Isabelle Lafforgue (Princess of France), Ms Sangeeta Singh, Dr Gurukulam Ganapathy Reddy, Mr Korn Dabbaransi (Hon'ble Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand

Even a thousand kilometers journey begins with single step. Stayfit started its journey in the year 1996, with the first ever health and fitness showroom in the heart of Bangalore, India.

Thanks to the patronage of corporates, institutions and individuals on one hand, committed and competent staff on the other hand, Stayfit has emerged as a home fitness leader. ‘Value for money’ and ‘customer satisfaction’ have been the core values of Stayfit showrooms across the nation.

A pioneer and the fastest growing premier fitness company, has been in Health and Fitness business for the near 25 years, catering to various segments and strata of society. Stayfit Health and Fitness has maintained its commitment to Building Healthy India from 1996.

Dr. Gurukulam Ganpathy Reddy is well-known as 'Stayfit Reddy' for his near 25 years of service – providing fitness solutions across India. He was instrumental in bringing the best of global Fitness Brands to India, in collaboration with world's largest Fitness company, ICON Health & Fitness Inc, USA. He is the Recipient of the Global Fitness Award for his outstanding contribution to the fitness industry in India.

It all started when he was 18. The young village lad loved running in the 'cross-country run' in his NCC – National Cadet Corps Training. He wondered “how healthy and happy people would be if they could enjoy staying fit.” At that time, young Reddy wasn't aware he was sowing the seeds of health and fitness idea in his sub-conscious mind, which would eventually manifest into reality.

Dr. Reddy founded Stayfit Health and Fitness World Private Limited. Presently, Stayfit has its chain of fitness equipment showrooms across India, with over a 300 workforce and Llakhs of satisfied customers pan India.

“We retain our customers by forming meaningful partnerships. In addition to solutions, we are working on technology to keep improving our retail customer relationship through enhanced interactive feedback and satisfaction systems with customised software and the ever-evolving tablets and smart TVs. This we are providing powerful performance reports, training tutorials, and many more options are available to enhance the user experience.

Having said all this, Stayfit shall always maintain and uphold their motto of Building Healthy India where activities include walkathons, marathons, just plain exercise and also includes the holistic approach to a healthy mind, body and soul. He says this shall be the test of where we have always stood in our commitment to our nation.

Dr. Reddy has received the prestigious "International Icon Award" from International Economic Studies Summit along with the honorary doctorate for Building Healthy India Mission.

Dr. Reddy was the Guest of Honour at International Economic Summit held on 20th August, 2019 in "Grand Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand along with other Dignitaries Dr. Phatsorn Issarangkura, Hon'ble General, Government of Thailand, H.E.Mrs. Suchitra Durai, Hon'ble Ambassador & PR TO UNESCAP Embassy of India, Thailand, H.E. Isabelle Lafforgue, Princess of France, Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, Hon'ble Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and the delegates across the globe are attended.

Building Healthy India Mission (BHIM) is the brain-child of Dr.Reddy. He launched BHIM with a vision to equip people with the most innovative and cost-effective fitness products which enable people to be fit & healthy.  The Stayfit Walkathon is successfully running in Bangalore, and promises to spread across the country. As a part of “Building Healthy India”, he has evolved India's first ever health publication called Stayfit Health & Lifestyle Magazine. Stayfit Magazine is dedicated to the physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual well-being of people, and is circulated across India.

The organisation now has several new verticals, including a professional academy for fitness trainers. This is the new wave of creating a sea of entrepreneurs, and ensuring that they, as role models, value fitness themselves. Dr. Reddy’s vision is to take this to every undergraduate, post graduate institution and create 1,00,000 young entrepreneurs in the next five years.

Today, India has evolved into a new gym culture primarily amongst the youth. Dr. Reddy decided to create large and medium format spaces as the ultimate destination for people to get into healthier lifestyle, with a vision of 1,000 hubs across the country in the next four years.  He would love to partner with like-minded individuals to make the Building Healthy India Mission highly successful.

The company has also now ventured into Food & Beverage and in its highly successful first offering is the ORSFit, the instant energy drink available in apple and orange flavours. It began its journey from Bangalore HQ and has a defined plan to reach super markets, corporates and colleges across India. An array of such awesome eat healthy & drink right Food & Beverages shall be the next line-up from Stayfit as part of the Building Healthy India Mission.  

Dr. Reddy also has a state-of-the-art CBSE Gurukulam Global Residential School spread over 20 acres, offering students superior labs, a well-equipped gym, a large library and evolving sports facilities. Gurukulam also successfully runs the  Kids Montessori School for young children with a 360-degree holistic approach titled Gurukulam Kids.

Over the years, Dr. Reddy’s openness to learn from people, places, situations and experiences has helped him evolve personally, professionally and spiritually.

His varied experienced and travels now has various institutions inviting him for his high energy and inspiring life talks on how to succeed in adversity. He stands today as the forerunner to Building Healthy India Mission, a Stayfit success story.

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