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The art of creating magical experiences

Published: Jan 3, 2020 11:37:30 AM IST
Updated: Jan 24, 2020 03:18:01 PM IST

The art of creating magical experiences
Founder & Creative Director at Creative Factory, Vibhore Khandelwal is no mainstream entrepreneur. His six-year old company is at the forefront of the visual content and production industry, leveraging world-class technology and creativity to deliver larger-than-life experiences. Associated with some of the biggest names and events of our times, including Kia Seltos, the BMW 3 Series launch, IPL’s 2016 opening ceremony, the Kabbadi World Cup opening ceremony in 2018, the Statue of Unity launch in India, the prestigious IIFA Awards in seven countries and the Make in India event at Hannover, Germany, Creative Factory has contributed to changing the face of the live-event industry in India.

In a conversation, Vibhore Khandelwal talks about his work and inspirations, how he stays ahead of the game, what he hopes to achieve in future and more…

There are not many others in India that undertake the kind of work you do, on the same scale. What inspired you to pursue this art?
My passion became my inspiration. From an early age I was inclined towards art & design. I didn’t know how to sketch or draw but I would keep trying and in 1999 I finally began my journey in digital animation. From a junior 3D modeling artist, till today as a visual content & creative director, I have worked on a variety of formats and projects and every project has widened the creative boundaries of my mind.

Being an artist teaches you to visualise and it’s the same with me. I would create visual stories in my mind, fill these mental visuals with colors and even visualise the way they were shaped- all in my head.  Life was never the same after that for me! To this day, it has been a magical two decades with having weaved a phenomenal journey that includes films, animation series and live experiences.

I have never looked at the scale of a job I take on. No job is too small or too large. All I have ever desired is to make each project I work on look grand. I enjoy challenging my own limits and what is potentially possible for Creative Factory. The legacy we create lies in my hands. What has always driven me is purely my passion and love for art. I am thankful to have an amazing team of artists who have helped Creative Factory reach where it is today.

The art of creating magical experiences
What was the most challenging work you have executed?
The most challenging job we ever executed was the Indian Premier League (IPL) opening ceremony in 2016. Being the biggest cricketing event in India, it was broadcast live across the world. The pressure on us was huge. The scale and size of the animation content was challenging. We had to work with 22 projectors for floor projection, 40x40 feet of LED stage and 160 feet of LED on the sides. We had to work against the clock and deliver a grand show in just 10 days, though it would usually take a month to set up such an event. My entire team did not sleep for the last 5 days, working tirelessly to successfully execute and produce the most amazing show in the world at that time.

What do you do to stay relevant in your profession?
The industry of entertainment, especially live entertainment, is evolving every day. Art is never limited to one perspective or medium. There are so many dimensions and forms to it and marrying different forms creates the magic.

Since I am an eternal learner, I love studying and exploring technology and effects. I read up and then physically test my ideas to know how far I can push them to create the experience I have in my mind.

Where do you see Creative Factory heading over the next few years?
The future of Creative Factory is very clear. We will keep innovating and producing phenomenal and magical experiences. We are currently working on some great concepts in the areas of projection mapping along with a lot of different elements. We are also doing a lot of cutting-edge work with Hologram and 2020 will see all this come to life.

With a new office in Dubai, we are already servicing the Middle East and doing some great work for Europe as well. Our vision map for the next 3-4 years is to become a global creative agency that leaves a unique and unforgettable footprint.

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