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The journey of Naor Yazdan: From a skinny boy to a Fitness Model

Naor Yazdan is one of the most recognized Fitness models in Israel

Published: Jul 30, 2020 10:41:11 AM IST

The journey of Naor Yazdan: From a skinny boy to a Fitness Model
The trend of fitness has picked up immensely over the last decade or so. However, the importance of living a fit and healthy life has never been more relevant than now. People are looking to pursue fitness for varied reasons - professional purposes, personal interest, immunity-boosting, etc. However, with limited access to gyms and hardly any time in our fast-paced lives, fitness often gets sidelined.

Naor Yazdan, an Israeli model, grew up as a skinny kid. He went on to serve the Israeli Army at the age of 18, and then eventually ventured into the world of modelling. It was then, that he realized the need for having a certain level of fitness. To put it simply, Naor’s entry into the world of fitness was driven by his professional requirements.

Naor’s fitness transition was not a very smooth one, not due to the lack of motivation or hard work, but due to the lack of enough resources and guidance. He worked out at several local gyms, consulted bodybuilders, watched online fitness videos, but nothing seemed to work. There was literally no solution that could give Naor the kind of body he wanted. It was then that he decided to gather more knowledge about the human body, its link with fitness regimes, diet, and best practices. Based on this knowledge, and the sheer desire to pursue fitness, Naor managed to develop the body he wanted. Today, Naor Yazdan is one of the most recognized Fitness models in Israel.

‘I grew up as a skinny kid, but when I started modelling, I realized that I need to take fitness seriously, That was my profession’s demand. But all I could find was generalized fitness regimes and diets. It is very important to understand that everybody is unique and has specific fitness requirements. I applied unique fitness methods to my own body, and I could see immediate results. Over time, I have developed a passion for fitness. Now, I am sharing my knowledge with people across the world, motivating them to lead a fit and healthy life.’- Naor Yazdan

Today, Naor Yazdan impacts the lives of more than 100K people on Instagram alone! He conducts motivation sessions to help people take the first step, and commit to pursuing fitness seriously.

In a recent interview with Naor Yazdan, he gave some interesting answers about his career. Let’s have a look.

-How did you get discovered?

“One day, I remember it clearly, I went to the beach with couple of my friends, we used to play soccer at the beach suddenly one man came to me and start asking me questions about my work, my age, and so on, and asked me to come his model agency and give it a try.

I signed up, and soon enough I fell in love with it, the ‘good life’ you can call it.

They told me I need to open an Instagram account, which wasn’t very popular back then, and start taking and uploading my photos. I was kind of skinny back then, watching other models who were more buffed gave me the drive to start working out.

I gained more than 10 kg in a few months and I was hooked haha.”

-Did you do it just for the career?

“Well at first maybe, but I seriously fell in love with it, with the feeling, with the attention I was getting from the girls, It felt good.”

-Do you get a lot of attention from girls?

“Well yeah, beside the stares, I’m also getting, more respect from the guys around you.

I also get a lot of messages on Instagram, I mean a lot of people offer me weird stuff for a lot of money. Sometimes it’s hard to resist haha.”

-What kind of stuff?

“There was one time someone offered me on Instagram 50,000$ to visit him in Dubai. Well, of course I didn’t do it but that was tempting.”

-what do you think about Instagram?

“I think Instagram is amazing, it gives people the opportunity to get recognized no matter who you are and where you live. Nowadays I’m traveling all over the world, inviting to the best events and parties and all through Instagram.”

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