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The Sixteen Personalities -TheMindFool

Sixteen personalities that you should know about

Published: Dec 11, 2020 04:57:15 PM IST
Updated: Dec 15, 2020 01:25:02 PM IST

The Sixteen Personalities -TheMindFool
The characteristic traits reflect the true personality of an individual. These traits are evident in the way a person reacts to something. Also, these characteristics traits cumulatively form psychological types in individuals.

This theory of personality types was developed by the mother-daughter duo, Katherine Briggs and Isabelle Myers. This duo highlighted the fact that humans could be divided into 16 personality types. In this article, we will talk about these sixteen personality types and their common traits.

Discussion About Sixteen Personality Types

The sixteen personality types are as follows-

1.  Architect (INTJ personality)- These types of people are introverts who prefer their company over others. Such people are often classified as nerds or bookworms. They have the following traits-

●      Curious

●      Ambitious

●      Imaginative

●      Focused

●      Love for new ideas and theories

●      Assertive

2. The Logician (INTP personality)- Such people get quickly bored by mundane tasks. Also, they procrastinate a lot. Logicians enjoy opening household electric goods to entertain themselves. The characteristic features of such class are as follows

●      They love solving puzzles, experimenting and coming up with solutions during their free time.

●      They seek different perspectives

●      Many people consider them to be unreliable because their opinions change regularly.

●      They love patterns

3. The Commanders-(ENTJ personality)- They pursue their goals in life relentlessly. The essential character traits of such extroverts are as follows-

●      Born leaders

●      They always motivate others. At the same time, they never lose track of their personal goal in life.

●      Naturally entrepreneurial minds

●      A little shy at the time of expressing emotions. This shyness never stops them from their long-range view for finding success in life.

4. Debaters- (ENTP Personalities)- People belonging to this category are extroverts. They are highly motivated. They only have their eyes on the prize of life. The characteristic traits of this personality trait are as follows-

●      Enjoy gathering as much knowledge as possible.

●      Hungry for information

●      Prefer to be mentally stimulated. It may act as a turnoff to others.

●      Do not care about trivial problems in life.

●      Love dealing about anything

●      Theorists

5. Advocates- (INFJ Type)- These introverts are dedicated caretakers of others. Their characteristic features are as follows-

●      Creative

●      Focused

●      Relentless in achieving goals

●      Natural caretakers of others

●      Regard to principles in life

●      Easily offended by disrespect

●      Innate desire to change the world

6. Mediators (INFP personality)-  Such idealists are free souls, lost in their thoughts. A few characteristic traits of these introverts are as follows-

●      Do not adjust well in social gatherings

●      Prefer to be surrounded by their thoughts and ideas when free

●      Love finding signs, patterns or meaning.

●      Creatively gifted

●      Prefer to analyze

●      Are good at holding one-to-one conversations with individuals

●      More poetic than logical

7. The Protagonists (ENFJ Personalities)- Regardless of consequences, they are always running for a good cause. Often, they get too involved in the lives of other people. Even if this trait irritates others, they continue with it. A few characteristic features of them are as follows-

●      Leaders who identify the good in others

●      Believe in social causes and pursue them

●      Easily approachable

●      Inspiring and charismatic

8. Campaigner-(ENFP)- Instead of taking their skills seriously, they prefer to laze around in life. Their characteristic traits are as follows-

●      They look for flexibility to work

●      They love space

●      These free spirits speak with logical reasoning. So, other people often approach them for opinions

●      They hate restrictive rules

●      They hate menial tasks of administration

9. The Inspector(ISTJ Personality)- They are punctual in every point of life. The characteristic traits of these no-nonsense people are as follows-

●      Follow the old-school values of hard work

●      Love rules

●      Prefer a well-analyzed opinion about everything

●      Well-read people

●      Don’t tolerate people who question their methods

●      Do not guess

●      Believe that honesty and dedication are necessary to be successful in life

10. Defenders (ISFJ Personality)-They inevitably get shadowed on stage, due to lack of self-worth. The characteristic features of these people are as follows-

●      Prefer being alone

●      Always ready to help people at large.

●      Find it easy to form meaningful relationships.

●      Generous, warm and kind-hearted

●      Others take undue advantage of their modesty.

●      Confusing introverts (shy and forward in turns)

11. Executives (ESTJ) - They are the favorites of every uncle and aunty. Their characteristic traits are as follows-

●      Love the tradition of celebrating event with family and friends

●      May adapt a righteous, leader-like personality

●      Hate laziness

●      Good at guiding others and advising others

●      Favorite host and organizer of parties

12. Consul- (ESFJ personality types) The characteristic features of the most popular, yet sensitive members of the group are as follows-

●      Active listeners

●      Social butterflies

●      Love to party

●      Socially interactive

●      Sensitive towards others

●      Get hurt by the disapproval of others

13. Virtuoso-(ISTP Personality)- They have a knack to make things go for the better. The characteristic traits of the people are as follows-

●      Talk more do less

●      Interfere with everything. They don’t have harmful intentions

●      Act without thinking

●      Have a bobby of customizing

14. Adventure (ISFP) -They are primarily artists who do not know how to sell their art. Their characteristic features are as follows-

●      Enjoy interacting with new people, despite being introverts

●      No idea of future planning

●      Unpredictable artists

●      Risk takers

●      Can impress people easily

●      Take a break from regular activities of the world when they tire of interaction

15. Entrepreneurs- (ESTP Personality)- They are the center of attention in every party. Their characteristic features are as follows-

●      Energetic

●      Jolly sense of humor

●      Do not take life seriously

●      Get misinterpreted because of the reckless attitude

16. Entertainers- (ESFF)- They are cautious of their social reputation. Their characteristic features are as follows-

●      True people’s person

●      The tendency of spending recklessly

●      Live life on the edge

●      Spontaneous

●      Lack of planning

●      Born performers

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