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Transformational leadership bridges the gap of being employable says mentor Arinjay Rajj

Business Mint Awarded Arinjay Rajj as Outstanding Contribution to Transformational Mindset Coaching

Published: Oct 13, 2020 10:32:05 AM IST
Updated: Oct 15, 2020 12:58:44 PM IST

Transformational leadership bridges the gap of being employable says mentor Arinjay Rajj
Do you know about the Art of Living Foundation? It is an international NGO that aims to focus on several aspects of society including child education, women empowerment, social transformation, etc. Operating in more than 155 countries, this foundation has gained great popularity. It is a multifaceted organization that strives hard to deliver better living standards to the people of our society. Being a non-government organization it helps people of our country have better living conditions.

Arinjay Rajj is a well-known figure attached to the foundation and is thriving for years to deliver redefined transformational self-worth. He is a national faculty at the Art of Living foundation and has been inspiring Indians for years now. He has also co-authored the popular book "Being Employable". This book has a collective knowledge of experts from different domains and the co-author belongs to diverse professional backgrounds. He attends several classes, and mentors numerous individuals by his speeches and experience in the industry. He is a brilliant coach who can transform mindset successfully in people. He is a great speaker, and coach who has been transforming lives. 

He is also a State Council member of Youth Leadership Training program with more than 20 years of experience in the field of positive psychology, meditation and yoga. He is also a certified expert from the Harvard Medical School and has been helping people cope with the acute stress they are going through because of COVID-19. He has been helping individuals go through the stress phase so that people can get away from the worries of the pandemic.  He has also trained corporates and other individuals to attain optimum results by adopting holistic lifestyles.

He aims to educate people, inspire youth and also strive to raise their self-worth to attain success and fulfilment in their life. He has been deliberately into the process of delivering speeches and conducting seminars so that people know that the pandemic is not something to be afraid of. Instead of fearing the situation, they should work on improving their worth and belief. 

He is a firm believer of the fact that during hard times, a person gains the greatest strengths from within. Everything is about how one should perceive themselves. Look forward to transforming several challenges into opportunities. It will definitely help to bring a new version of oneself.  He has a track record of helping several people overcome varied obstacles, both inner and outer. The obstacles that obstruct the personal growth of people are successfully fought through his support.

He further helps people cope with situations where they feel that the road ahead is very difficult, and when they are clueless about what should be done. However, he stresses on the fact they should not fear the dark, and should not stress and have doubts. As per him, you should try to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily, so that you feel fresh and energetic. Also, identify the things that are proven to supply more energy to you. Work on enhancing your habits to do such things, so that you are able to focus more on the productivity levels and achieve what you desire for. Arinjay Rajj strives to make people discover their internal power and capabilities, their strength, the power of resilience, etc.

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According to Arinjay, people should not be scared of the dark times that we all are facing at the moment. Instead, they should take this time as an opportunity to work on creating a new version of themselves so that they can elevate their worth. 

When people have a mentor like him they can easily go through such tough times. Motivation and inspiration are what one seeks when they have negativity all around them. He is working as that flame of light inspiring others to deal with such difficult situations. The technique of positivity used by him is scientifically proven and works effectively on people. 

It is because of his hard work and creativity that Business Mint Nationwide Awards nominated him for the award ceremony of 2020. He successfully bagged the award for Outstanding Contribution to Transformational Mindset Coaching. He stands with pride for the immense amount of love received at the award ceremony, by the jury members. All the members collectively decided to present him this award for helping people during such a difficult situation. He has spent years of his life in this field and has been inspiring others for a long time now. His hard work is worth the appreciation received.

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