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Un-cliche your corporate gifts this Diwali

Published: Oct 18, 2019 08:56:38 AM IST
Updated: Oct 18, 2019 11:46:36 AM IST

Un-cliche your corporate gifts this Diwali

The Brewmaster and Teacup hamper


Even in the most corporate of spaces, this time of the year stirs up festivity in the air. And with the celebration comes the habitual gifting. Almost traditional in many places, the culture of corporate gifting in the season follows a certain pattern. From clients and business partners to employers – deciding on their perfect gift can be a comprehensive undertaking in itself. This Diwali season steer away from the traditional and let the New Year ring in progressive corporate gifting ideas. The range of astutely designed brew-ware pieces from the Hosting Collection by  Shazé inspires you to un-cliche the corporate gifting style. Owning forms beyond origin, these statement pieces resonate the prominent personality of that boss or business partner you have been working with over the years. Here’s what to gift whom.

The Boss

Simplicity and sincerity is key here, however aim at something classy and elegant with Shazé’s Caffeinator. This pour over is sure to elevate his morning routines to enriching rituals. A Shazé way of showing that you appreciate his or her hard work because it’s never easy being in charge.

The Client

The contract is not what binds you and why your clients are on board on this journey with you. Let them know that business is never the same without them, and working together is a refreshing experience. A skillfully conceived frame, The Brewmaster, a full-figured tea pot, from the Hosting Collection is an ideal choice as it renders a visual delight when brewing that refreshing cup of tea. Your choice in gifting with this piece, is sure to become the topic of conversation every time they sit down to sip on a cup.

Un-cliche your corporate gifts this Diwali

The Blendist & Teacup hamper

The Manager

In office, good times are escalated to great ones when an encouraging manager shepherds the team. And when you have one like that, thank you is in order. The Blendist, which is Shazé’s distinguished French-press is sure to impress your manager no matter how tricky he or she is to shop for. The precision fitted glass offers a gorgeous view of their prized noir-blends, making for them an experience that is as invigorating as the charisma they bring to the table.

Distinguish your gifting style with Shazé’s hosting collection this Diwali.

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