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Uplifting the face of shopping marketplace with video shopping

BigBox has revolutionized the shopping experience by enabling customers to shop from the comfort of their homes

Published: Jun 21, 2021 05:26:00 PM IST
Updated: Jun 25, 2021 05:23:00 PM IST

Uplifting the face of shopping marketplace with video shopping

A seasoned techie and entrepreneur, Santhosh Palavesh, Founder and CEO, BigBox—the world’s first-ever video shopping marketplace—has spent nearly a decade and a half in strategy designing for successful start-ups across Blockchain, Ed-tech, E-commerce, SAAS, B2C/B2B, and Gaming platforms. Santhosh has teamed with Mr. Balachandar (Co-Founder, BigBox) who has an overall experience of over 20 years in the retail ecosystem of India and is closely associated with the Retail Association of India (RAI).
The dynamic and vivacious Santhosh has been strongly driven by his passion for technology.  His work and the knack for digital technology led him to build UMM Digital, which is now recognized as successful product innovation and digital transformation firm after being established in his sophomore year. The venture boasts of handling over 500 esteemed clientele with over 120 employees based out of five countries. In the past, he has aided several companies in building and launching unique products and has also shared his expertise with multiple start-ups. Over the years, he has earned a reputation for creating successful go-to-market strategies for a number of start-ups across a range of diverse sectors. BigBox is just one of the many ideas that Santhosh’s talents have produced. Santhosh’s latest venture is one-of-its-kind and the world’s first Video-commerce or V-commerce marketplace established with an idea to help traditional shop-owners to digitize their business in a matter of minutes. BigBox’s highly talented and focussed tech team that facilitates the smooth functioning of the process is stationed in London and Chennai. Backed by the concept of video shopping, BigBox helps users search for retailers in the vicinity, dealing in apparel, electronics, groceries, etc, and connect through a video call. The USP of the process lies in the fact that Santhosh has himself handpicked a team of 15 product specialists and tech ninjas.
BigBox has revolutionized the day-to-day shopping experience by enabling customers to shop from the comfort of their homes via a video call and have their orders customized to their better-suited interests. Currently, BigBox has tied up with 50 local retailers and plans to expand its roots to connect with 1000 retailers in a span of three months. Santhosh has patented video shopping technology and framework through BigBox.
Santhosh’s inclination towards gaming and his strong belief in Einstein's words— "Combinatory play seems to be an essential feature in productive thought"—helped him establish his previous startup PlayMonk E-Sports, a gaming networking platform. Adding another golden feather to his cap of honors and recognitions, Santhosh has been serving as an advisor in the African Advancement Forum and New Zealand Trade Enterprise. A strong believer of the need to constantly motivate and inspire, Santhosh has been doing his bit by leading by example for the young generation. He devotes time to activities such as public speaking, mentoring students, and directing budding entrepreneurs. His engagements led him to associate with Academy 10X during the novel Covid-19 pandemic and train thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs in order to equip them with digital skills, which are prerequisites to run a business in today’s arena. Santhosh is the one-stop-shop guide and mentor for everything digital with respect to start-ups, digital transformation & marketing, and growth hacks.
Felicitated with more than 14 entrepreneurial awards, Santhosh has come a long way in his entrepreneurial journey, from co-founding start-ups to establishing his unique, patented brand. Santhosh’s idea is not only revolutionary but also fruitfully farsighted in nature. The noble idea of enabling retailers, brands, and small sellers to sell their products online easily using a unique video-calling method has come as a welcome change for the otherwise helpless sellers whose businesses had come to a standstill due to the pandemic. The challenges posed by lockdowns, increasing real estate prices, and digital handicap have all been taken into account to help the brutally affected business to start afresh. BigBox helps retailers to sell online without the need to have any prior experience of online selling, eCommerce websites, digital knowledge, or worrying about delivery and payment hassles.
BigBox is a new category in itself. The V-commerce venture provides a hyperlocal video-shopping experience, easy payment settlement options, and enables doorstep pickup and delivery for sellers as well as customers.

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