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ZebPay introduces QuickTrade

In the cryposphere where often speed of transaction execution is crucial, ZebPay's QuickTrade fulfils an unmet need

Published: Mar 30, 2022 07:22:17 PM IST

The decade-old crypto-sphere is worth a staggering $2 trillion. More crucially, the crypto asset market is open 24X7 throughout the year. This allows investors and enthusiasts to trade at their own time. Often time-starved working professionals prefer to squeeze in some time at the end of their day to quickly scan the market and make their decisions, sometimes, to buy crypto assets worth as little as 100 rupees. For experienced investors, however, speed is of the essence. There is a long checklist that needs to be fulfilled in the time between placing an order to its execution. Few platforms manage to squeeze this in reasonable time.

Enter QuickTrade

ZebPay’s QuickTrade fulfils the need for speed of the crypto asset market. And it does so without any transaction fee and without any conditions attached. The entire process is also different from the conventional open book transactions. What’s the catch? There is none.

The open book transaction matches buyers with sellers each time a crypto asset transaction is made on the crypto platform. It works on the simple principle of demand and supply that governs that for every seller of a certain amount of coins, there needs to be a buyer for the same quantity. The “matching” can take time to execute during times when either the buyer or the seller isn’t at hand.

On QuickTrade, on the other hand, the waiting time no longer exists for these orders to get matched. Buy and sell orders are executed instantly. This is specifically of interest for high net-worth investors who may trade in large quantities. Given the volatile nature of crypto assets, even small fluctuations in the price can make a difference in the final gain or loss of the investor.

The end-to-end process is rather simple. The investor only needs to select a given crypto pair that needs to be either bought or sold. The next step involves placing an instant order on the ZebPay platform.

After the order is received, ZebPay validates these details and the bank account. The rates are then verified along with the circuit limits. This is done to protect investors from any volatility in price movements.

How to use QuickTrade?

Open the QuickTrade app and go to the QuickTrade section.

For buying crypto:

•    Put the amount or INR equivalent to the crypto you wish to purchase
•    Click the QuickBuy button after which you can check the Trade summary
•    Verify all details on the screen and confirm the transaction by entering your security PIN

For selling crypto:

•    Put the amount or INR equivalent to the crypto you wish to sell
•    Hit the QuickSale button and verify all details on the Trade Summary sections
•    Confirm the transaction with your security PIN.

The overall experience is seamless and user-friendly. Give it a shot. To start your investments using QuickTrade, click here.

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