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Choice of millions

Published: May 9, 2019 02:17:18 AM IST
Updated: May 9, 2019 10:21:29 PM IST

Choice of millions
Sudeep Garg
Founder and Managing Director, tapan group
Years of experience: 20 years

Mr Sudeep Garg dreamt of building his own empire since his childhood and he made his dream come true. He always read biographies of successful industrialist who are actually running the country and economy. This encouraged him to start his own corporate house, tapan group. A notable entrepreneur, he has always overcome challenges and is capable of transforming unfavourable conditions to favourable. He was successful in breaking the perception of ghee, and made a place in the market as a healthy product.

Today his brand Preet Lite is the best choice of millions of families, and they are getting lot of love in the market. Preet Lite is the healthiest cooking medium available today. The product is made after decades of experience and is a rich source of Vitamin A, E, Omega 3 and 6 with low cholesterol fat etc. It's ideal for cooking, frying and baking. It's better than ghee. Tapan group has also stepped up in the field of media and fashion. Its Albiten T-shirts are sold online. It publishes the monthly magazine Jeevan Nidhi and daily newspaper Sach Ka Ujala.

Life Lessons
• “I have love for my work and my employees. Tapan group is like a family, and being the head of this family, I consider it my duty to take care of all members personally. ”
• “We consider society as a partner in our success and in turn, we do social welfare activities through the Tapan Foundation.”
• “My motto in life is hardwork with determination and good intention is the only way to get success.”
• “We at tapan group work with utmost dedication and passion to deliver best possible products for our customers.”

• Hindustan Achievers Award given by Hindustan Times in 2017
• Times Brand Icon Award by Times of India in 2016 and 2018

Charting The Path
The tapan group has arrived at the status of being a leading group in the Indian market with emphatic success abroad also. Besides the diligence of the past generation, this group, led by Mr Garg, has made its name. It is engaged in manufacturing of cooking medium proprietary food. The company supplies in the national and international markets. The core values of tapan group remain quality assurance and customer satisfaction. The company aims to build brand loyalty, using state-of-the-art technology and focuses on pan-India prances.

Mr Garg treats his employees like family. He considers society as a partner in their success and in turn, understands his responsibility towards the society. He founded Tapan Foundation a registered non-governmental organisation working in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh and Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. It aims to mobilise community efforts for the overall development of weaker and marginalized sections of Indian society.Tapan Foundation is involved in activities like Women Empowerment through social help groups, educational activities for under privileged children, training to women in dairy farming, awareness camps on reproductive health, community health, aids, road safety, water conservation and environment issues.

Challenges and risks
As far as business is concerned, it is not easy to start one in India. Mr Garg fought against all hurdles and also had to adhere to certain stringent government policies that were not favourable towards setting up new businesses. He did not lose hope and was determined. At the time he wanted to launch the cooking vertical in his company, he had to take a big risk. He worked hard to prove against the stereotype of ghee being an unhealthy product. Soon, the company was successful in breaking the perception of ghee, and made a place in the market as a healthy product. Today, his brand Preet Lite is the best choice of millions of families, and has demand in the market.

Identifying opportunities
Mr Garg goes by this success mantra of marketing—where is a need, there is a market. If we can produce good quality products at reasonable prices and fulfil customers expectations, then the whole world can be our market. Don't sell what you want to sell but sell what the public wants.

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