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Enjoyment of excelling

Published: May 9, 2019 06:04:40 AM IST
Updated: May 10, 2019 06:40:49 PM IST

Enjoyment of excelling
Yatin Gupte
Director, Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Years of experience: 20 years

Mr Yatin Gupte’s main concern behind starting his company, Wardwizard was – Environment Conservation. When Mr Yatin was in his 20s, he was always struggling with many of thoughts in his mind related to environment conservation & Energy conservation. In this current urban scenario Environment pollution, Climate change is a major concern. He says that he was inspired by thoughts & vision of PM Narendra Modi on conservation of environment and his concern towards climate change.

With the thought in mind of contributing atleast 1% for environment conservation, Mr Yatin started the company. He came up with the idea of Electric Vehicles in the commercial segment but with affordable prices. His products offer innovation and have set a benchmark for quality in the Make In India EV products industry. Wardwizard the umbrella brand comprises of VYOM brand. VYOM range of products offers varied yet unique and innovate home and home electronic products that help to live an enhanced and healthier lifestyle in these changing times. It is all against the energy conservation.

Charting The Path
To start a business I did not have capital nor did I have extra income to shore up cash reserves when needed. After completing my studies, I started with job. I simultaneously started saving with small pockets and started building business projects. This is how I reached the destination where I am right now. But I am yet far from where I wanted to be. To achieve this, on the one hand, I spent hours working and constantly travelling - at the cost of ignoring my personal life. Managing both personal and professional life got tougher.

Challenges and Risks
Wardwizard launched the JOY E Bike Launched Electric bicycle in In 2016, Wardwizard with JOY E Bike Launched Electric bicycle. We entered into Electric Vehicle market conserving Environment by reducing the carbon footprint by zero emissions, help in maintaining good health and fitness level. In Oct 2018, launched JOY E BIKE Nanu Electric scooter Butterfly model. In Jan 2019, launched JOY E BIKE Nanu Electric Scooter Honeybee model. The Nanu E-scooter has a Sleek, compact design, appealing to all age groups and is available in attractive colors.

The only e-bike of this size and design to be seen on Indian roads and is a definite eye catcher. No Registration | No License | Eco friendly product | Tubeless Tyres | Auto drive & Auto cutoff | Security features operated with remote In Feb 2019, launched with JOY E BIKE Gen Next E-scooter. In coming days we are coming up with Electric car which is under R & D to support the EV revolution as a whole. Yatin Gupte, CEO of Ward wizard Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., sums up Offer products that help to make their life healthier, easier and secure; to facilitate global environment EVs as a whole.

Life Lessons
• I truly enjoy excelling and pushing myself to new tasks and challenges where I can learn and grow.
• I believe working in a team environment because good team work creates synergy.
• “We should not forget that it will be just as important to our descendants to be prosperous in their time as it is to us to be prosperous in our time.”
• Never sacrifice your health for anything, not even success. Nothing is as important as your health and nothing ever will be.
• Don't be afraid to get started. Don't be afraid to start small. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you don't need a lot to do it.
• No matter where you go in the world, Respect every person you meet, no matter who they are or what type of status they hold, love them unconditionally.

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