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Pioneering affordable agricultural innovations

Published: Apr 29, 2019 07:41:13 AM IST
Updated: Apr 29, 2019 02:33:07 PM IST

Pioneering affordable agricultural innovations
Vimal Alawadhu
Managing Director and Chairman, Best Agrochem Group
Years of experience: 15 years

Mr Vimal Alawadhi, a son of the soil, with an agrarian background, grew up among the farmers of Haryana. Over the years, he has seen the struggles of the farmers affected by unseasonal weather and exploitation in the hands of middlemen. Rising from a modest beginning, he always dreamt of uplifting the farmers, and this has been the driving force of his business. Today, at a young age of 40, he leads Best Agrochem group, which is now listed among the Top 20 Agrochemical companies in India. He is pioneering efforts to provide farmers with safe products at affordable prices. Best Agrochem is an integrated manufacturer and technical producer of Agrochemicals with a mission to help farmers across India. Young, dynamic, enthusiastic and highly-motivated, Mr Vimal has played a key role in the exponential growth of Best Agro Group. He has an extensive experience in the agrochemical industry and oversees strategy, management, development and integration of the company’s policies and procedures, driving overall business growth and sustainability. Under his able guidance, the company has expanded territories and established its presence in global markets. He has been Interviewed by international magazines from “African Farming and Food Processing” to the publication Agro Pages, where he spoke on the “Taking Strides towards Make in India”. In 2018 edition of India Suppliers Guide, Mr Vimal’s views were published as “An Agrochemical Perspective 

• 2016, Acquired a state of the art Technical manufacturing plant from Arysta LifeScience, a subsidiary of Platform Subsidiary (NYSE:PAH)
• 2017, Completed Phase II expansion increasing production capacities by threefold.
• 2018, Listed among the Top 20 Indian Agrochemical companies in India.
• 2019, Established a NABL Certified Laboratory.

Charting the path
From the humble beginnings in the small town of Hissar to establishing the Best Agrochem Group, Mr Vimal Alawadhi has come a long way. In an industry fraught with high entry barriers and surrounded by established players, Mr Vimal persevered for years, working and investing on building a portfolio of manufacturing licenses and setting up an integrated formulation and technical production facility. It was only his belief of 'Make in India' that gave him the energy and faith to compete with the pricing power of China. In the field of agrochemical supplies multinationals and large corporations hold sway.

Yet today Best Agro group has established itself as a leading agrochemical company serving global markets. Its business platforms use innovation and technology to address customer’s needs. The company has more than 50 agro chemical products and promises to add safer alternatives. Its product range is devoted to increasing crop yields and providing farmer-friendly solutions. The group operates four production units involved in technical manufacture and formulation and had a dedicated brand supplying to the farmers. Mr Vimal's motto of “Customers, Dealers, Suppliers and Employees first’ has been guiding him throughout. “Businesses cannot succeed with profit as its sole motive.

Successful businesses must first focus on providing value to the customers.” A workaholic, Mr Vimal is not averse to taking on challenges or working under pressure. He is tenacious when it comes to resolving issues and is always ready to meet challenges head on. Best Agrochem acquired the technical manufacturing facilities of the erstwhile Arysta LifeScience and started working on the promise of Make in India. In less than 3 years, Best Agrochem boasts of a state-of-the-art Technical manufacturing facility with 7 multifunctional production lines. His priorities for the farmers include encouraging newer and safer agrochemicals, educating them and supporting ‘Make in India”.

Life Lessons
• Mr Vimal realised very early on the value of human capital.
• He is a believer of ‘willing synergy’ where each individual take initiative to excel, while working together.
• He has immense faith in human potential and is constantly looking beyond what people have 'done' to what they ‘can’.
• He is confident that Best Agro group with its initiatives will be able to provide vital resources viably to the farmers.
• His vision is to stand shoulder to shoulder with the farmers by providing them access to the best products. He lists his priorities as being focused, being present in the moment and avoiding to overthink the magnitude of the problem.
• He is constantly actionising his dreams, he is an ardent believer of the saying, “Think of dreams as a ladder, and the rungs are your goals."
• A valuer of time, he strongly feels lost money can always be regained, but a wasted moment can never be.

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