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Putting patients first

Published: May 7, 2019 06:04:40 AM IST
Updated: May 7, 2019 06:00:13 PM IST

Putting patients first

Founder And Director
Years of experience: 30 years

 Dr Na’eem Sadiq is a highly regarded neurologist and stem cell specialist. He has an experience of over 30 years, has treated close to 300,000 patients of various neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, and is now conquering the world of stem cells. Dr Sadiq studied neurology and neurophysiology in London and worked with some of the eminent medical institutions in the Middle East before he set his landmark in India. In India, he worked in NIMHANS, the hub of Neuropsychiatry. Today he is the proud recipient of over 50 national and international awards that make him a leading neurologist and stem cell specialist not only in India, but pan-Asia. He has also been awarded the Times excellence award for service excellence in neurology in December 2018. He is not only an excellent doctor but also a great leader. He along with his motivated team of rehabilitation professionals make the best combination for Regenerative Rehabilitation for patients suffering from debilitating and degenerative neurological conditions.

• Signature Healthcare Personality of the Year 2019
• Best stem cell research centre in India 2018
• Times Health Excellence Award for Service Excellence in Neurology, 2018
• Iconic Achiever's Award 2018
• Transformance India Leadership Summit & Awards 2018
• Awarded as the most trusted stem cell specialist of the year 2018
• National Icon Award and Certificate presented by APS research and media consumer research and process evaluate, IBARC California
• Awarded the Leader of Neuro and Stem Cell Therapy in India 2017
• The Leader of Neuro and Stem Cell Therapy in India, awarded at the Rising Leadership Awards in 2017.
• Awarded the Icon of the Year Award 2017
• Awarded at India Excellence Summit 2017
• Asia's Most Preferred Stem Cell Therapy Center
• Best Neurology & Stem Cell Centre of 2017

Charting the path
Dr Sadiq started Plexus Neuro and Stem Cell Research Centre on August 15, 2011, with the vision of making it the leading healthcare service provider recognised globally for excellent patient care, advanced stem cell therapy and comprehensive rehabilitation services. Plexus caters to a wide range of neurological conditions which are degenerative in nature. The treatment of these conditions is often described as “fighting a losing battle” by Dr Sadiq who aims to revive the daily functioning of these patients for whom mundane day-to-day tasks are Herculean in nature.

Apart from in-patient rehabilitation services, Plexus offers miraculous recovery from a number of conditions on an out-patient basis. The treatment model comprises a holistic approach, which is patient-specific, and combines a variety of therapeutic interventions to achieve the desired results. The mission statement of Plexus is to help individuals with neurological impairments overcome their diseases and disabilities in the shortest possible time. The aim is to enhance and restore the functional abilities of patients and improve their quality of life.

Life Lessons

His honesty, punctuality, passion and clarity are some of the many distinctive characteristics that make him stand out in today’s world. He is highly regarded by his patients who express their gratitude to him in different ways; for instance, a young patient with Parkinson’s disease for whom Plexus was a life changer, wrote, “Dr Sadiq, you are amazing and full of positivity. Thanks a lot for changing my outlook & being my mentor. May God bless you and you continue to make people's life easier with your charismatic & spiritual touch !”

Apart from his devotedness towards his work, his love for fitness and positive mental health are aspects that deserve great attention. He is a gym enthusiast, and a professional boxer who loves to binge on healthy high protein diet. He chooses to follow his own religion, the religion of ‘Humanity’. He believes that all religions are different versions of the same story that talks about ‘goodness’ and are different stories with the same moral. He does not differentiate between humans based on any other criteria except that they are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending upon the deeds they perform. Due to his distinct thinking he is thought of as a ‘rebel’ by some and a great ‘spiritual leader’ by many.

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