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Strong foundation for today's children

Published: May 9, 2019 06:04:40 AM IST
Updated: May 10, 2019 06:44:00 PM IST

 Strong foundation for today's children

Hema Harchandani
Managing Director and Founder
Canvas International Pre-School
Years of experience: 15 years

Being a commerce graduate from the University of Rajasthan, Hema Harchandani has reached the milestone of a founder through various career paths. She has worked in Banking, Life Insurance and Financial Distribution sectors and her last role was the Head of Sales for Geosansar, a company which has spread the financial services to the bottom of the pyramid.

A visionary and an inspiring woman entrepreneur, she founded Canvas. Canvas today is for parents seeking quality early education for their children. Under the guidance and leadership of Ms Hema Canvas is today making giant and confident strides in becoming the best school in early learning. PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development) technique developed and implemented by Canvas ensures that the child is confident and self-assured in managing his/her behaviour, make’s friends with other kids and shares his/her time with them through interactions and games.

Charting The Path
The zeal to build a strong and skilful future generation to lead India onto the path of immense success and progress, and a dream to start something of her own, Ms Hema chose to enter in the education sector. She wished to make an impact on the nation’s future by building a strong foundation for today’s children. With a background of an Insurance sales person, she realised the importance of education and ensured that no child's education will be hampered due to any casualties or accidents caused to the parents. She founded Canvas International Pre-schools in 2016.

She started her journey with one school and now has 25 schools and 1500 kids across Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. This venture has helped her come closer to the children and above that helped her create a small world of creative and innovative learning. The pillars of a great institute stands firm when the visionary behind it always aims high, works hard, and cares deeply about what they believe in. Canvas is a brand of preschools created on exploring creativity, innovation, and funfilled learning, which emphasises on the development of a child in all aspects of life. The philosophy behind Canvas is to give the children freedom and space to open their wings of imagination and fly off to become the best version of themselves. Ms Hema believes that every child is different and should be treated with the same perception in mind.

Therefore, Canvas has drafted a curriculum with 1:10 ratio of teacher and students. As a young leader managing one of the fastest growing preschool chains in North India, Ms Hema believes that she is supposed to constantly innovate in providing quality education in pre-schools, which would establish Canvas as a leader in early child care education.

Life Lesson
• Ms Hema’s grandmother was an admirable principal and since her childhood Hema used to accompany her at times and desire to do for society in education sector. Sales was where she started her career.
• Initially, it was very difficult for her to do insurance sales where majority of the agents or sales staff were men. She says, “As a woman, there was greater acceptance to what I told customers and that is how I turned out to be a successful sales person in insurance for 15 years.”
• With all the experience she ambitioned to start up her own venture. Ms Hema admired the innocent children and wished to create a new world for our nation’s children—a world that allows them to explore the beauty and experience the joy around them. With this motto Canvas International Pre School was started in 2016. However, Ms Hema believes if we put in hard work and are true to our dreams we will find a way to achieve it.

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