Vaunted mansions: Who wants to buy a billionaire's home?

Former castles of the three-comma club, now on the market

Published: Apr 11, 2018 12:38:23 PM IST
Updated: Apr 11, 2018 02:04:27 PM IST

Although Warren Buffett has lived in the same home since 1958, other billionaires swap houses the way the rest of us change light bulbs. Most of the billionaire-owned properties currently for sale were purchased or completed in the last five years; a few have never been lived in at all. Agents say the ultra-wealthy’s wandering ways are easy to explain: They want only the best

Thomas Tull
Net worth:
$1.1 billion
Source: Entertainment
Listing: 3970 Victoria Lane (Westlake Village, California)
Vitals: A 32,000-sq-ft French
Romantic mansion with 12 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms on a 33-acre lot Posh amenities: The grounds include a 5-acre organic farm, a garden inspired by Monet’s ‘Giverny’ and a private museum Asking price: $85 million

Michael Dell
Net worth:
$22.7 billion
Source: Dell computers
Listing: Casa Dell
(Los Cabos, MexICO)
Vitals: A 9,990-sq-ft
Mediterranean villa with five bedrooms, six full and three half-bathrooms and nearly 4,700 sq ft of terraces
Posh amenities: Located 282 feet above the Sea of Cortez on Mexico’s Baja peninsula, the property boasts sweeping water views and comes with a collection of art by emerging Latino and Mexican artists
Asking price: $18.5 million

g_104897_palazzo_di_amore_280x210.jpgJeff Greene
Net worth:
$3.8 billion
Source: Real estate, investments
Listing: Palazzo di Amore(9505 Lania Lane, Beverly Hills, California)
Vitals: A 35,000-sq-ft, 12-bedroom, 23-bath estate on a 25-acre lot
Posh amenities: The property’s 15,000-sq-ft entertainment centre houses a ballroom, a screening room and a bowling alley. There’s also a working vineyard and a 27-car garage
Asking price: $129 million

A Jerrold Perenchio
Net worth:
Deceased; $2.8 billion in MAY 2017
Chartwell (Bel Air, California)
The 25,000-sq-ft French Neoclassical mansion has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms on a 10.3-acre lot
Posh Amenities:
The property includes a ballroom, a tennis court and a 40-car garage
Land with a house once owned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan is now part of the property, and Chartwell’s exterior was made famous as the Clampett estate on The Beverly Hillbillies Asking price: $350 million

g_104903_petra_ecclestone_280x210.jpgPetra Ecclestone Stunt
Father’s net worth: $3.5 billion
Formula One
The Manor (594 South Mapleton DRive, Holmby Hills)
Owned by a daughter of F1 founder Bernie Ecclestone, a 56,500-sq-ft mansion with 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms on 4.7 acres Posh amenities: Its 123 rooms include a nightclub, a hair salon and a private spa
Built for the late producer Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy, who famously had rooms for cutting flowers and wrapping gifts
Asking price:
$200 million

Images: Jeff Greene: Tim Rue / Corbis via Getty Images; Petra Ecclestone: Paul Harris / Getty Images

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