Forbes India 15th Anniversary Special

YouTube stars: Grabbing eyeballs, minting money

Published: Jan 10, 2018 06:41:17 AM IST
Updated: Jan 9, 2018 12:56:32 PM IST

The hottest stars on youtube might spend most of their time in pixellated worlds, but make no mistake: They’re collecting millions of dollars in cold, hard cash. Nearly half of our annual list of the top-earning YouTube celebrities are gamers, and gamers occupy the top two spots. Viewers flock to their channels to watch them play the latest titles while delivering funny commentary. Six of the 10 celebs ranked here are newcomers, who delight fans with videos of stunts, gleeful children and Call of Duty battles.

YouTube stars: Grabbing eyeballs, minting moneyIllustration: Cnana Rauch /

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