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Our top reads of the week

From the intriguing story of the rise of EaseMyTrip to the sagacious impartments by Gary Kirsten, here are our top stories of the week

Published: Apr 2, 2022 09:43:34 AM IST

Our top reads of the weekEvery week, catch up on the best long form stories from Forbes India. Often peppered with our binge-worthy podcasts, videos or infographics too. Image: Shutterstock

Our top reads of the week1) Giant killers
Nishant, Prashant, and Rikant--the Pitti brothers grew up in a modest household in eastern New Delhi and have been rather inseparable, living together in a joint family comprising 14 people. The brothers have always had an entrepreneurial streak in them. They started with jugaad while still in school, and years later, also dabbled in producing Bollywood movies. Today, they run EaseMyTrip, which has emerged as India’s second-largest online travel agency with a market capitalisation of over Rs 7,500 crore, achieving that feat without any funding from venture capitalists. Here's the remarkable story of the giant-killers who are giving travel goliaths a run for their money. For more
 Our top reads of the week
2) How to navigate market volatility
A roller coaster ride is a part and parcel of investing in the markets, highlighted especially since March 2020, when they have plummeted and reached all-time highs, only to tumble again--this time, thanks to the Russia-Ukraine war. Financial advisers’ lists of dos and don’ts when dealing with the markets is mostly a list of don’ts: Don’t invest money that you would need in the short term; don’t invest lump sums; don’t look at your investments every day, and since it is the nature of markets to be volatile, don’t panic. But ground rules go beyond that. Here is a look at some to help you navigate the current volatility. For more

Our top reads of the week3) Calm amid storm
The beginning of 2022 was choppy for investors as they were still struggling with the cascading effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. But investors in Indian bonds seemed unfazed despite the war between Ukraine and Russia and rising commodity and oil prices, and a ferocious sell-off in global bond markets. What are the key reasons behind this zen journey of Indian bonds? Is it RBI policy, US inflation, or dismal economic growth performance? Will it see any movement soon? Let's find out. For more


Our top reads of the week1) Gary Kirsten on 'From the Field'
From opening for the South African cricket team to coaching the Indian cricket team to the world cup victory to shaping up young talent in the Indian Premier League, Gary Kirsten has been on an enviable path in world cricket. It has made him a marvelous mentor thanks to the experience he has garnered over the years. In this episode of From the Field, Kirsten, most recently the new batting coach of Gujarat Titans, shares his leadership lessons. Watch here

Our top reads of the week2) Shikhar Dhawan at Forbes India Leadership Awards 2022
The 11th edition of Forbes India Leadership Awards marked the beginning of an era of unfettered innovation, leadership and growth. The evening celebrated the spirit of leadership. Shikhar Dhawan, fondly known as the Gabbar of cricket pitch for his fireworks-filled batting style, was one of the guests, highlighting the importance of motivating one's team, and staying calm. A look at how Shikhar Dhawan prepares for his matches, on risk-taking, being aggressively calm, and why a leader should be fearless. Watch here

Our top reads of the week
3) The next mutant
Deltacron is a recombinant Covid-19 virus. The mutated form contains genes of both Delta and Omicron variants. These recombinants emerge when more than one variant infects and replicates a person's cells or an animal's. In rare cases, we get Deltacron in which variants swap parts of their genome and pick up mutations from each other. There are more fascinating characteristics to this new mutant. Find out here

 Our top reads of the week4) Binge goes deep
The pandemic locked up people in their houses and paved the way for OTT to become the preferred avenue of entertainment. Access to smartphones and internet penetration helped the industry go beyond metros. It is bringing a major shift in the consumers of OTT in India. According to Boston Consulting Group quoted in a report, with almost 40 OTT platforms today, the market size of OTT in India to reach $5 billion by 2023. A look at the numbers that tell the story of the winning march. Find out here

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