Forbes India Tech for Sustainable Future Series powered by Capgemini: Unlock the value of technology to transform your business

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In the inaugural podcast, Ashwin Yardi, CEO of Capgemini in India talks about how technology can transform businesses as the world gets accustomed to "the new normal". With the majority of employees operating from home, clients too, have bought into the benefits of "remote working". It doesn't matter if you work from Sydney or Sangli as long as the job gets done. As the commute time gets trimmed, the environment benefits too. Also, given that climate change is present and real, hereon, "sustainable development" will not be considered to be an "add on" but a key contributor for all projects. And while touting some obvious applications of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Yardi also warns that it is important to choose technology wisely. "One size fits all" won't work.




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