Dressed to the nines

Being the boss means dressing the part. Nine corporate leaders take us through their wardrobe choices to walk the talk (Coordinated by Mexy Xavier)
Curated By: Anjan Das, Neeraj Gangal
Published: May 15, 2018
Dressed to the nines

Sonal Dabral, Group Chief Creative Officer & Vice Chairman, Ogilvy India
“In fashion, as in life, change is the only constant. My sartorial philosophy and my look keeps evolving. From painting my jeans to wearing all-white linen and then going through a ‘monochromatic’ phase where I wore only blacks, I’ve been through various phases. I’m in a colour phase now. For me, it’s important to be like a sponge—open-minded about trends, looks and influences. It keeps you creatively alive. Having said that, more than the right fit, the fitness of your body should be of importance. Take care of that, and everything will look good on you! Anand Mahindra is always sharply dressed, looks comfortable, accessible and yet in total control.”
As told to Anjan Das