The sideshow at Alsisar

The Rajasthan village comes alive in more ways than one as it hosts its annual music festival
By: Aditi Tailang
Published: Feb 25, 2019
The sideshow at Alsisar

Image by : Aditi Tailang

Age: 17

Class 11 student in Haryana; in-charge of renting out the parking space and rooms at his cousin’s house in Alsisar
Although Rahul did not disclose the rent of the rooms, he said the parking space is for ₹1,000 per car for three days. Additional rooms were built in the house after the festival started taking place in Alsisar, with the objective of renting them out. Rahul’s cousin, and the owner of the house, lives in Singapore. Hence Rahul has come from Haryana to take care of the business. It was his first time at the festival.

“I think the festival is okay. I see a lot of people all day, it’s fun.”