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A look into Yatharth Group's covid journey with Mr. Yatharth Tyagi

Standing up in the face of adversity during pandemic

Published: Aug 26, 2021 11:23:58 AM IST
Updated: Aug 26, 2021 11:56:31 AM IST

A look into Yatharth Group's covid journey with Mr. Yatharth TyagiMr. Yatharth Tyagi, Director- Yatharth Group Of Hospitals

Noida: The outbreak of covid  pandemic saw Indian healthcare system stretched to the extremes where managing multifolds of existing capacity and providing beds for all in the face of adversity proved challenging. Yatharth Group Of Hospitals had one of the highest covid bed capacity in North India with 1100 covid beds turned out to be a beacon of hope for many covid patients. Using amalgamation of technology and innovation covid patients were made to feel at home inside hospital. Mr. Yatharth Tyagi sheds some light on the work of Yatharth Group during covid.

Mr. Yatharth Tyagi is a man with a clear vision and on a mission to wave off the disastrous repercussions of Covid-19. Managing in the face of adversity, his out of box ideas are what makes his work unique in every stance.

“Ever since the hospitals were granted permission for the treatment of covid-19 patients, we have managed to equip all the essentials at the right time. With highest bed capacity in the region, treatment pathways included Remdesivir, Bipap, Ventilators, High Flow nasal oxygen therapy (HFNO), a ventilator for SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) patients to make Covid patients feel at ease and suffer through less pain. To combat black fungus, separate ICU for black fungus patients were created with coverage from Neurologist and E.N.T surgeon alongside Pulmonologist and critical care experts.” said Mr. Yatharth Tyagi  

To give patients homely feel, there was rooftop terrace garden with buffet, yoga lounge facilities, luxurious and comfortable suites apartments with dining rooms inside the hospital. Yatharth then introduced a robot, Mitra, which was crafted with a facial recognition feature that helps it to recognise the people he has interacted with before. Adding the robot helped in several ways in not only auto detection of patient body temperature and notifications to the control room, but also through the robot our dieticians and psychologists could take rounds inside covid wards and interact with covid patients.

Covid pandemic has highlighted the role doctors play in our society, working day and night often staying away from their families to cure Covid patients. To pay them a tribute and acknowledge their sacrifices, Yatharth Group has built 15 feet tall statues of doctors standing with surgical gloves and face masks looking into the sky. “20 such statues have been placed each side of the DND highway as a gesture of gratitude and to commemorate and reminisce work of Covid warriors in eternity., said Mr. Yatharth Tyagi.

A look into Yatharth Group's covid journey with Mr. Yatharth Tyagi Statues built by Yatharth Group saluting the work of Doctors

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